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Well looky here!


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So I'm sitting here with a grease board and a sharpie trying to come up with a gameplan that makes us stink less...for my own sanity I simply cannot sit hopelessly on the sidelines. I have come up with two facts.


1) Not many plays work for us



This has been quite the ladder to climb. I rarely have anything useful to bring to the board here, often times inappropriate, and even more often it is completely unrelated to the topic at hand. I wouldn't say those are good qualities of a poster, but I've found a place that I can go and my wife cannot. I've learned a lot about football and being a true ND fan during my time at the DD and along the way I've been fortunate enough to make a couple friends. Someday I'm sure I'll meet several of you in person and I expect it to be humorous and enjoyable, but at the same time I'm sure it will be like seeing the face of a radio announcer for the first time. It will be a riot to see what the actual face looks like as opposed to the what I picture a lot of the guys look like on here. I digress.


I found DD a year and a half ago and I'm very thankful for it. You all have greatly educated me in the fanatacism that goes with being a recruitnik. I've enjoyed seeing multiple views of the same scenarios. In this world there is often multiple versions of what or who is right and I think the DD perfectly exemplifies that.


In closing, this place is great because of the people that make up the community (except Vagas :lol: ) We have a diverse group, from diverse backgrounds and many different professions. People from High School to "long since retired". The names are too many to single out so I'll spare you that addition to this already long winded post. I'd just like to thank you all for allowing me to play in your sandbox.


The REAL domeanddomer (down with that imposter bastard)!


PS. I'm coming up with a plan on how to catch up with Sir John.

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Congrats Domer. As you know I certainly enjoy your posts and look forward to putting the face and name together at the USC game. Both faces will probably look different after a few ice cold tall Smithwick's but that's how it should be.


Congrats and thanks for being here and making DD a better place.



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Congratulations Domer!!


For all your pessimism, (Ha ha ha!!!) I've learned a few things from you since I've been here! We will meet some gameday I am sure! Just don't expect some big, musclebound "Judge Dread". I am not like that at all!


Again, CONGRATS!!! :D

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Congrats my man. :clap: It has always been a pleasure reading your opinions.


I am also in high admiration for your willingness to witness, and report back no less on the 'eating' by one of our sister's, of her bra. You without hesitation...threw yourself into this task like a house with kittens remaining inside was on fire. I am also pretty sure that the nude portion of this task was irrelevant? What a guy!!!


It is this type of 'go get' that hopefully will rub off on our team this weekend...and we come back with a victory. Thanks again to our original domeanddomer... :winking:


May the next 1000 be just as great brother!!!

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