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Official MLB Postseason 2007 thread

Guest gallup21

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Guest gallup21


Yankees 1-2 v Indians 2-1



Red Sox 0-0 v Indians/Yankees 0-0



Rockies 0-0 v D'Backs 0-0



I'll try and update the 0's with wins and loss records...I chose Yankees and Phillies in the World series...post your predictions here. i know we have a lot of cubs fans with pipe dreams :lol:

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New York in four over the Indians

Anahiem in five over ( :censored: ) Boston


Chicago in five over Arizona

Philadelphia in five over Colorado




New York over Anahiem in six

Philadelphia over Chicago in seven




Yankees bring it back to New York with a sweep...



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im not going to make any predictions because i dont have much luck in that.


i do like the Rockies. they have 2 good rookie pitchers in Ubaldo Jiminez and Franklin Morales to go along with their ace Jeff Francis. if Jiminez/Morales can pitch well the Rockies can go far.


i think im routing some for the Cubs. it would be nice to see them finally win a World Series.


i dont like the Yankees. i would have rather seem them explode this season and play the entire season the way they were going early in the season. even the way they have come on through the 2nd half i think Cleveland is better, with 2 Cy Young contending pitchers in Sabathia and Carmona. Alex Rodriguez hasnt done very well recently in the playoffs, so im hoping that continues.

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Guest irishfan4life

i have it red sox vs the cubs for the title with the cubs winning it all..


not only will the yankees lose to the indians in the first round but they will also lose arod to the cubs once there season ends...

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Guest gallup21

there is no possible way a-rod will leave for the Cubs. Who'd want to leave for a club who hasnt won in 99 years?


ill update the standings now :( :(

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entertaining game between the Indians and Yankees, with the Indians winning :D

Cleveland going to NY with a 2-0 lead.

the Indians should give some credit to the bugs, or as the announcers called them Canadian soldiers. i didnt know thats what they were called, but i think its funny to call them Canadian soldiers. now the Yankees can blame the Canadians :lol:

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urgh...dreamer im feeling like you are. except its probably sunny where you are...at least the angels could still beat the bosox


Actually Nick...it's rather cold here today. Though it promises to be a great day tomorrow for the game at the Rose Bowl.


I am stunned. I'm actually quite speechless to be honest. Wow, I am just flat out drained emotionally... :(

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Guest irishrick

its starting to look like a red sox Cleveland , yanks can't lose again as this will be the last game for arod , Arod will not go to the cubs if any place he will go to the red sox in a babe Ruth type of deal , , i hope he stays in the Bronx. go yanks .

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