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Jonathan Baldwin


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says that his top two schools are mainly Pitt and ND, also says that most local folks think he'll end up at Pitt. two players ND needs bad are floyd and baldwin, we can not lose these guys.




The fact that we are in his top two is good news and the fact that Michigan isn't is also good news. Has he visited campus yet?

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Guest heismancaliber
Someone tell this guy that he has more of a chance of being a WR in the NFL if he plays at ND. Give me a break on the Pitt front!


Who are the great NFL WR's that ND has put out lately? Stovall is decent, but McKnight IIRC went undrafted

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Arnaz Battle of the 49ers (though a converted QB)


Let's not forget what the Shark could have done in the NFL.


Coming to ND would give him a better chance to win (chuckle). Seriously though, this year is hopefully just an aberration.

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Hopefully these WR recruits are watching our games and are excited about the state of our current roster. If these kids are paying attention, they will see that one of our biggest needs is at WR. We need guys that can come in and get a little separation from the DBs. We need guys that can come in and contribute right away. I think Tate and Kamara will develop into a great duo, but we need a couple guys in this class to come in and give us a bit more depth / talent / speed.

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Derrick Mayes, Lake Dawson, Rocket, Joey Getherall...


Umm should we really try to sell him on Joey G and Lake Dawson??


I mean atleast Stovall and Smardzija had a lot of national buzz around them and with JC or ES throwing deep balls in CW's offense every Saturday on national tv...as opposed to being lost in the Big East and gambling on a QB who can get him the ball...


If we could string together a few wins to end the season, we would really help our cause with some of the recruits who are on the border.

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Guest cri8nd
From the new rivals article it seems that he is going to decide on or around signing day.

hopefully by then he would be considered icing on the cake. is floyd still waiting untill close to signing day or will it be by the end of Oct.?


I have no idea hopefully by October. I hate having to wait until signing day then get screwed.

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Guest Shamrock83

Yeah man... can't it at least be at the AAA game? Waiting for announcements during that game are bad enough not to mention NSD


We need another receiver to go along with Goodman before signing day..... then just save a spot for whatever happens with Baldwin




Mike Floyd are you reading this!!!!

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