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Wow, early game...


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Sorry if this has been posted already but it looks like ND and Purdue will be playing the early game this Saturday starting at noon eastern. That is 10 am for me. Doesn't leave much prep time. But the game will be on ESPN so that is good. I was worried it wouldn't be televised.

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No fine heads up. 10 am for you? :roll:


My TV guide says games to be announced but am sure it's ND.


What does burn me is we have this NBC contract, yet here in L'ville The local affiliate station agrees to carry SEC games. Back when I only had rabbit ear TV the local affiliate shifted it to bowling green here in Ky and all i got was snowy reception, too far away so i got cable..

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Guest NDgirl09

i'm glad it's early, it means i get to watch it before homecomming, unlike last year when i got to my friends house after homecomming to see the 1st Lambert INT then the BQ to McKnight TD, although that was a good time to catch the game.

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