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Say something POSITIVE about a player you've noticed....


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Hell, we need it!




Of course I was gonna say something about Hughes, Bruton, or Walls this week but I choose JC!!!


I'll be the first to say,,,,


In the good column,,,,


I still believe Clausen to break many of BQ's records! This kid is a Gamer!! He handles pressure like a veteran.


He's NOT perfect,,, but,,, he has shown that he can handle the most visible of ALL OF CFB'S POSITION with class, steadyness and toughness!!


He has the most upside of any recruit in 2 decades and when everyone was bitching about him giving lip service to some of the Michigan players???


Good for him DAMNIT!!! He's showin' juuuuust alittle of the Nastiness Weis has always talked about!!


I've noticed that when he gets sacked, he shoves the damn LB's off of him!


Good for you FRESHMAN!!! Let them know you'll take the sack BUT that's all the shit you are gonna take from 'em!!!!


You have the pedigree, you have the intelligence, and you have the expert coaching!!


You WILL help to bring the NC and RESPECT back to Notre Dame!!!

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Guest bfabes05

I have to admit I like what Clausen brings to the table, some people say hes not overally good right now, but geesh look what hes working with right now, he will be good, but hes going to have to do ALOT to show me hes better than number 10

But my guys so far would be offensively...Hughes, Aldridge, and Grimes

Hughes looked great against Michigan State, he just doesnt quit, refuses to go down on the first hit and takes defenders with him, he is going to be a key part this year and on later into his career

Aldridge over a 100 yards first Irish back to do that this year and get our rushing yardage into the positive column, another guy that breaks the first tackle almost always and he has speed that is overlooked, he will be our main man for years to come with hughes and allen being the different look for the rushing attack

Grimes has done nothing but catch everything thrown his way and he has always been a great blocker, now hes not a go to kind of guy, but hes defintely a dependable guy for the Clausen and the O

Defensively I have to go with Brian Smith, Kerry Neal, Trevor Laws, Pat Kuntz and Darrin Walls, possibly Crum too

Smith and Neal are awesome pash rushers and they will be absoulute studs in this defense. They will thrive and make plays, it showed Saturday against the Spartans with just the passion, drive, and no quit attitude they showed to get to the QB

Absoulute stud, there is not much else you can say about Trevor Laws, he is ALL OVER the field and cannot be stopped, he is defintely working on a great stock for the NFL, too bad the offense cant move the ball well enough so we can how well the defense really can be

Heart is the main word that comes to mind when you think of Kuntz, a position of worry before the season he has done nothing but work his tail off and make plays from that hard work while being double teamed most of the time.

Then finally theres Crum and Walls, Crum is just doing what he did last year, making tackles, he had 16 against Michigan State and looks like hes going to lead the team again, hes just a hard worker and is always around the ball, Walls on the other hand is possibly the best guy in the Secondary and he showed a flash of his great potential against Penn State with that Interception for a Touchdown, only a sophomore, he will be one of the best shut down corners in the country possibly by next year especially into his senior year if he continues to grow and get better.

and thats my book lol

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Guest heismancaliber

The most consistent player i'd say top to bottom since week 1 has been Walls and Yeatman, everyone else has either only really had 1 good game (Hughes/Neal) or has been erratic (Aldridge looked bad in first 2.5, looked good in last 1.5)

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Guest IrishGlory

Pat Kuntz - playing an absolutely thankless position, Kuntz has given you everything he has on every single damn play this year. It has been incredible to watch. Every single play he is getting pounded, but I have never once seen him get up tapping his helmet for a substitute. Pat Kuntz can play for me any day.

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Pat Kuntz - playing an absolutely thankless position, Kuntz has given you everything he has on every single damn play this year. It has been incredible to watch. Every single play he is getting pounded, but I have never once seen him get up tapping his helmet for a substitute. Pat Kuntz can play for me any day.


Yeah, I wish the OL had that kind of work ethic. His efforts should be pointed out to the rest of the team - they should all be playing with that much heart. He should be named a captain instead of some of the ones who carry the titile.

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Kerry Neal on defense, Robert Hughes on offense and of course Golden Tate on special teams.


Kerry is working hard to establish his position, clearly he will be a force for us in the years to come. 3/4 or 4/3...either way he will contribute.


Robert is going to be the power we will need to eventually capture a National Championship. Hopefully we can do so by his junior and senior years. This kid does not stop.


Golden needs to play at every opportunity possible. He is going to be what Zibby was for us a couple of years back. He is poised to be the big play maker. Lets not forget...this kid can also put a hit on someone.

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i really liked what i saw out of aldridge and hughes. with hughes i really like his vision and how he's able to move in the hole, pluse his power was real impressive down around the goalline. with aldridge i like his power running and his vision was alright. my favorite aldridge play against MSU was when their was little running room and he jumped over a ND OL laying on the ground and pounded out five tough yards.

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I was thinking Ryan or Walls.


Ryan has really appeared to improve since the GT game and is around the ball carrier a lot.


Walls is very fast and gets in the backfield before a play gets going. He has stepped it up a lot this year. Much more active and agressive.


Bruton also impressed me with covering the WRs in the standared 3-4 formation. He has stayed with them on man to man.


Yes, I know it was suppose to be 1, but then I could not stop since I have been impressed with our D this year.

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Any of the guys mentioned above deserve kudos. One thing I noticed that I thought was promising was how Jimmy and Weis chatted when Evan came in during the MSU game. You could tell Charlie was coaching him up, Jimmy's focus was squarely on Charlie. Initially I thought maybe Jimmy would fall apart not being used to losing. He's proven the exact opposite, he's kept his composure and has displayed leadership in rallying the team when things don't go right.

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