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Tates gonna be scary

Ray Herring

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When he starts returning kicks at full speed. Right now he is a bit hesitant in his running. But that will change as both special teams and him become more comfortable.


NFL teams are learning that you cant just stick a burner back there and expect results. The guy has to have "it".


Tate has "it"

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I think we should ask for anything but a three and out. 2 consecutive field goals would even make me cheer right now.


Tates' returns give some hope, but special teams' plays develop slower and give him a chance to react differently. Same with blocking even though you are near top speed the play takes longer to generate. If our offensive plays developed better we would see some hope in him as a receiver too! IMO

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i agree he looks like an athlete out there and im excited about what he can do, i dont know if he'll ever run at those full speed. He seems to have a running back mentality back there, a little too much dancing and less just hitting the hole.


still, he has a knack for keeping him balance when arm tackles swipe at him. He might be a good candidate to replace Zibby at punt returner next year, it might suit him better than kick returning

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The only play i saved from the last game on my dvr was the kick off where he was kicking defenders off of him. Every week we get to se a burner just hit a hole and shake one tackle, but oh man eight guys touched him and most had both arms around him. NASTY!

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tate was the only bright spot in last weeks michigan game, that one return when he kept juking and side stepping everyone was real fun to watch. i'd like to see what tate could do on a WR slip screen. need to get him the ball a little more.

I would love to see Tate in the slot, with Kamara and Michael Floyd on either side.

Mix in a little Parris with a four-wide set and you've got some real playmakers.

Let's not forget one of our phenom tight ends.

Aww man, I love daydreaming. :D

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Irish Chris - your avatar made me think that even Jesus would've been sacked behind our O-line. Hopefully today the O-line starts playing Nasty and stops looking nasty.

Well they played some inspired ball the first half.

It's too bad that we get behind and have to start throwing the ball around.

I see lots of ball control against Purdue.

A healthy dose of Aldridge and Hughes.

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