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If I were a recruit i would see a qb and coach ready to make a title run as well as a good chance to jump to the top of the depth chart becuase of underachieving as well as CW's ability to to teach yougsters and willingness to put these freshmen on the field fast. Plus and even the slanted and screwy ESPN First Takeers admit tOSUcks is a sports school mascerading as an actual institution of learning. If i were a recruit's parent i would take note that ND is one of the hardest schools to get into and has one of if not the best alumni networks. I think this kid has a good head on his shoulders and i hope he decides to join the ND family. The Navy game is one of the best weekends to visit. There is an amaizing relaxed excitement against Navy, because of the history between the teams, the almost certain victory, and a mutual respect shown by both teams. It's amazing, because Navy always gives us their best no matter how bad their odds may be.

I should include a disclaimer...I don't understand why anybody wouldn't want to play football at ND...except for those who play for BYU, the service academies, and Hawaii(so beautiful out there).[/u]

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I don't understand why anybody wouldn't want to play football at ND...

well if i were a RB i would be seriously considering crossing ND of my list because their OL is that bad.


russ, i know you're a "glass half-empty" kinda guy but i could flip your premise and say if i were an RB considering ND i would take our struggles to mean that ND needs a super-back who can get it done like me!


in other words, a kid who looks upon himself to provide the answer, ya know? those are the kinda guys we all want anyway...

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I think Navy is a team our offensive line can block. I think on D this year will play better against that offense this year. Did anyone notice in the Navy and AF games Zibby and Ndukwe would come up and kind of trail the play and make the tackle from behind.

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