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Omar Hunter dominant


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A little tidbit from Scout as well, sounds VERY encouraging. Hope he stays on board through all of our struggles this season.


There was a lot of buzz surrounding Buford defensive tackle Omar Hunter all year and deservedly so as he was arguably the most dominant defensive lineman that we saw in Canton. It's likely that every time Grove City quarterback Elijah Smurthwaite closes his eyes he will see Hunter coming after him. Grove City offensive lineman Gar Chappelear is getting D-I interest, but today he received an education as to what exactly a big time D-I athlete is like. Hunter is deserving of his lofty status in in the rankings and Notre Dame has found their future three-technique tackle.



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The depth we'll receive next year will def help. You couldnt see the DL got tired in the game on Sat esp after Justin Brown was ejected, which i think emptied their tank.


Next year, we'll have Kuntz back, along with Ian Williams with another year under his belt, plus all of our DL recruits this year. Nwankwo and Nuss will be better as well.


The Future is still bright for the Irish. We just have to stick with our squad

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Me too.. But I have to take it in stride and stay positive, because if we lose this guy that would be a HUGE blow. I think he meant as long as Weis and CB are there. This is the one guy that I would fight tooth and nail for if I'm Charlie Weis, there is no way that I'm letting this guy go.

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here's another article on omar hunter, i'm not able to read it but it sounds to me that hunter will stick with ND. even thought i was not in favor of it at first i'm very glad that CW has made his new stand on the word "commitment".



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I think we have to get used to this type of talk from here on out. As long as we are performing like a I-AA team then we can expect every coach in the country to try and swoop our commits. Unfortunately, the recruits are impressionable and when they see how bad the play is it is only human nature for them to have second thoughts. Not saying that they will change their minds, but they are going to definitely think about it, and you can be guaranteed there will be rumor after rumor about every one of our recruits right up until NSD. It is just terrible that we are in this position right now but we have to get used to it.

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