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  1. Rees star is apparently on the rise but IMO it's too soon. Ideally ND gets a proven HR hire that would allow Rees's skillset to marinade a little longer.
  2. Without a doubt they are trying to bring in DE's in '18 and it's not going to effect the '19 recruiting of DE's.
  3. That would be awesome if committed. One of my favorite WR recruits. IMO outside of the elite of the elite WR's he's at the top of the list of the next best. This kid is awesome. He's smart, tough, strong, fast, quick and athletic who has elite hands as well as being an excellent route runner, so what's not to like? He put up awesome numbers at The Opening. He had the 12th best overall SPARQ rating and the 2nd best amongst WR with Jeremiah Holloman.
  4. OK, that's great it just doesn't make sense to me at all. I just don't understand how one could improve there ranking when they aren't playing HS Football or taking part in showcase camps to show there improvement. But at the end of the day who care's as he's ours and he's going to be bigtime.
  5. Don't get me wrong this kid is special and I'm a huge fan but remember that buzz doesn't go that far beyond South Bend as it was just one day in front of Irish coaches and ND recruiting writers so despite the fact he could have proven that he was the very best it won't mean much when it comes to rankings because it wasn't infront of the guys that do the rankings.
  6. Jayson is without question a DT but the question is he a 3T or a NT. At this point either one is possible as he's already 280 lbs with 2 years of HS left he could get bigger and be come more of a clogging presence or he could fine tune is body to go with his natural athleticism and be a 3T. As for Justin he's not going to be a LB at ND unless they switch back to a 3-4 defense. Like with Jayson the next 2 years are going to be very telling let alone when he gets into ND's S&C program that will determine if he's a WDE or a SDE. He's already 6'3 240 and looks to be growing and when it's all said and done I would be surprised if he's 6'5 265-270 who could be better suited to being a SDE.
  7. Apparently he's 6'6 and already 240 with room to add about 20 lbs of good weight when its all said and done. The kid is a special big athlete who once in a program to max his physical gifts he's going to be a 260 lbs TE that with run 4.6 and will have the ability to play inline as a true TE or as a X,Y or Z receivers. He's a perfect replacement for Aliza Jones as well as being a perfect compliment to Brock Wright for NDs 2 TE sets.
  8. not going to happen he's playing baseball rather than doing the camp circuit and with the national recruiting guys it's out of sight, out of mind and I could actually see him falling in the rankings this summer.
  9. I think without question he will get first crack at being a S, the talent and depth is to great and as good as he could be at WR he has so many equal talents ahead of him. The reports on Spencer Perry is that he's not going to make it as a safety, he's a hitter but doesn't have look or feel of a S at all and many already with just one early spring that he's destined to be a LB. So if that is indeed the case then ND will eventually be down a S from the 2016 recruiting class.
  10. That's how I see it as well and apparently he's new the WR position whereas he's always been a S.
  11. Love his upside at both S and WR but i really hope they are taking him as an athlete or as a S because as good as he could be as a WR he's got a ways to go with that potentially daunting depth chart.
  12. I know the like Adams as much as any other MLB. Werner was right at the top of board of board for ND and he's a great athlete that hasn't yet got the true recognition he deserves and they think White is one of the better LB in the class and by NSD he will be 4 star.
  13. Werner has said that he was told that they are taking 3 LBs in the class, hence why he most likely committed as quick as he did. The ND Staff see's Adams as the MLB in this class, White as the (Will) OLB and Werner as the (SAM) OLB.
  14. Wow the position filled up in just over 24 hours. Apparently ND's '17 LB Class is already filled according to Werner who nabbed the final spot. I guess the staff can get one hell of a jump on the '18 LB's class though and Irish Invasion could give ND a huge advantage with the next LB class with '17 already locked up II is going to be loaded with '18 or '19.
  15. Was recruited as a Will that can also play the Mike.
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