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  1. I think the first thing BK need to do is hire respected and veteran QB coach. • BW does not need to go to these qb gurus, I think they are overrated. • If BK cares as much for BW as he did for his offense and defense, that is what he should do. Secondly, he has to open the QB competition up for the spring. • Give book and Allen a chance. • Have BW earn it this time. Third, keep pushing, if he finishes 10-3 or 9-4 cool but that cant be the high mark • Drill it into the players that are coming back that this is unacceptable. • Drill it on your coaches that this is unacceptable. I figured 9-10 wins this year, including the bowl. This was a NICE step forward. Now, for a BIG step forward you have to fix the QB position, S&C must continue to evolve, keep placing an emphasis on the running game, keep developing the passing game, and continue to build on the defense.
  2. Hey, at least it ain't an ailing grandmother.
  3. That one is not going to happen. Stanford has a better chance of landing him.
  4. I know that, but because of player development he got a top 100 guard and a ex top 50 get. When was the last time brey got a ex top 50 xfer.
  5. No it's due to a lame duck (No pun) coach and a program that can't get out of their own way. Cota was never coming here. You know why Mike brey is getting players now, he has shown player development. Not that bk hasn't, just that brey takes two teams to back to back elite 8. Bk has has not had two back to back good years. By good I mean 10+ win years.
  6. This would hurt Stanford because a lot of their targets won't know that they have the grades until January. So a recruit would have to be very confident that they would pass Stanford's admissions. If they don't then a spot might fill up for their other options. then they are stuck with a school that they don't want to go to.
  7. What Bk is trying to do is get Dk in a better position to win. If DK gets drafted top 10, he will be a draft bust cause those teams are bad. not to say he won't bust anyway, but the probability of him being a bust is higher. DK has a lot to work on as do all these qb's. But if he gets in a better situation where he can sit for a couple of years, he will be better for it. That is really what he is trying to say. Another thing, when did speaking the truth become a bad thing? I see a lot of people make a big deal out of him saying that. I guess if he went 13-1 it wouldn't be a problem?
  8. Remember how bad he look in the 2015 spring game. I think he was doing the same thing he did in 2016, he is putting way too much pressure on himself to make every throw. When he just lets it come to him and sling it, there is no QB in this years draft or next years draft that is better. If he goes to a place with a proven starter (SD, PITT, NO, NYG, NE) and he can sit for a few years and learn, he will be fine. He is not ready to be handed the keys just yet.
  9. Even though I am from N.Y. for ND I'm from Missouri. They gotta show me before I drink out of that fountain again.
  10. Not to sound like a pessimist, but until they perform on the field it doesn't matter how he sounds. You don't go from weak minded to strong minded over night, it takes time. Which I don't think BK has. To little to late, BK settled after 2015, then 2016 happened. He has to win at least 9 games and I don't think this team can do. Hope I am wrong but...
  11. I would say it has to do more with playing time opportunities. Path of least resistance.
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