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  1. This is more than a stretch. It's a false narrative.
  2. That article has Michigan ahead of both ND ( who beat them ) AND Ohio State (who curb stomped them), Sorry, but no.
  3. I know everybody looks at 2012. Well 2012 was a perfect shitstorm. Alabama at that time had something like 40 analysts on salary. I think we had 3. When you've got that big of a discrepancy in assets, and they've got a month to prepare, you've got problems. We've made a bunch of support and infrastructure changes since then. Chin up, bucko. We're good.
  4. In which of their games we would we not be the favored team?
  5. NO, I think we would be 12-0. The best team on their schedule we beat last year in a bowl game. They haven't played Georgia yet.
  6. Louisville Arkansas State Louisiana Lafayette The Citadel? look at that murderer's row
  7. Our schedule was better than theirs. Only team in the country with 10 victories over Power 5 teams, and 12 wins over FBS opponents.
  8. How much money would you be comfortable losing?
  9. I think a lot of it is the amount of RPOs we run, especially on 1st and 2nd down. Guys like Banks and Liam are power blockers -- they want to drive the guy off the line, but in the RPO scheme you can't as you have to stay within 3 yards of the LOS. When we got straight power, we're pretty good. But the RPO scheme requires a bit more of a finesse technique. It's definitely something we can get better at, but I would also like to see a bit more hat on hat drive their d*cks in dirt blocking.
  10. Who was the last coach at ND to have two undefeated, untied regular seasons in their time here? Answer: Frank Leahy
  11. This has been set up by ESPN for a couple of weeks. They know the committee watches them so they've been selling LSU ahead of us and voila! There they are! I know it probably doesn't matter in the long run but that doesn't stop it from being complete and utter bullshit.
  12. Celmson beat A &M by 2 and Cuse by 4. Probably should have lost both of them. They aren't unbeatable.
  13. That percentage is nothing to complain about however.... he did scramble into sacks a couple of times that were not the fault of the O-line. The one that stalled the first drive was a case in point. He tends sometimes to step into trouble, giving D linemen (especially the ends) easier angles to get to him. He needs to be more patient within the pocket. I also think that the coaches thought that we would see a lot more press man and a lot less zone than we did. I think, because of that, he was getting looks post snap that he wasn't expecting. I also think that Long needs to give him more hot reads against the blitz. I didn't really see any, (maybe on the last blitz). That should be an automatic read by the receivers whose man blitzes and I just didn't see it. If you hit a couple of hot reads the D coordinators tend to call off the dogs.
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