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  1. It would be absolutely impossible for Notre Dame to provide any more support to their athletes than they do. Private tutors for every single class for as much time as necessary is as good as it gets.
  2. Genes determine athleticism in large part.
  3. a couple things you should know. 1) Don't put down St. Mary's girls. There is more to a person than being intelligent and hard working enough to get into ND. 2) St. Mary's girls are usually very nice compared to some of the snobby hot girls here at ND (there are also lovely girls here too though). Try considering character. 3) An ND degree doesn't make you successful.
  4. FROSH

    Kelvin Jackson

    i doubt those measurable are accurate. even rock's and scout's measurables vary. i wouldn't get caught up in that so early. its good to see that he is impressing people at camp.
  5. i'm sorry guys but don't rip DD. Jones is a great guy. Everyone who meets him likes him. He is only leaving because he loves football. He wants to play football and the time window where he can do that is becoming smaller. I don't know that I agree with the decision, but ultimately it's his life and he should follow his dreams. I support you DD.
  6. great news! if this turns out to be true i'm completely satisfied with this class. its true we need a few more players but this is who i wanted most.
  7. all home games, either PSU or Michigan, and Purdue. only 3 more years of being a student
  8. "Recruiting Moses". Wow, you are giving me MUCH too much credit. But with my ego flying high, I accept. All you have to do now is lead us to the promised land... but if he's moses that means he doesn't get to come in i kid...glad to hear your filer prediction rock
  9. i think ND. many OSU guys seem to think this is the case as well as Svo who is usually in the know
  10. calves, good comparison. if his attitude is anything like brett favre then he will be my second or third favorite football player of all time, to brett favre and reggie white. i love ND more than the packers, but those two guys are amazing.
  11. i really appreciate all the work you do calves. i used to spend a lot more time following recruiting and looking up other boards and articles. however, i've had a lot going on recently and just can't spend the time i'd like to on it. your efforts to keep everyone informed have helped me a lot. of course i appreciate everyone who is able to give inside information or news from campus, rockne and AA respectively. there are many others who i would like to thank but don't want to hijack the thread. one quick question that only one person need reply to, where is nick?
  12. i was speaking more to the grammar and verbage used, but yes i agree. he would be a great fit.
  13. it also seemed like sabino often referenced ND as if he was already going there. that might be some evidence that we are the favorite or it might jut be him speaking hypothetically. either way i definitely feel good about our chances with him after listening to the interview. both sabino and EJ sound like great guys who value a balance between education and academics.
  14. So you people would rather have ND beat a 5-6 USC team every other year at the Coliseum instead of a 11-0 USC team? Interesting... reread my post, i say the opposite
  15. Makes it so easy to spot the true ND fans vs the bandwagons when i see comments like that. True fans of both ND and USC have tremendous respect for the rivalry and hope each team goes undefeated except for when they play each other to protect the prestige of the game. Only the bandwagon, ex-Raider Nation, USC "fans" want to see ND go winless and the bandwagon ND fans who don't have a sense of the history and tradition of the rivalry wanna see USC become bad. and "choke again" this year? I didn't realize that winning a BCS bowl over Michigan was considered a "choke". Sure seems like ND would love to "choke" like that given the last 13 or so years. and Black Irish that sounds like a very possible idea, definately would explain why MF was so hush-hush about any of the details. i'm a third generation domer and i certainly do not want to see USC go winless every year. i'm happy if we beat them when they are undefeated just as i am any team, but i do not cheer for USC. you seem to have similiar sentiments to conference fans who always cheer for their stupid conference. its like who cares, just root for the team you like best. i have no allegiance to USC what-so-ever, but yes i do respect them and hope they do well. you are totally overhyping the importance of USC to ND.
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