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  1. I feel good the score is still manageable and we get the ball to start the second half. We got this!
  2. I have said it before and I will say it again. Notre Dame has been cursed every since they closed the stadium and Touchdown Jesus has been blocked from watching the games. Until they open that side of the staudim up ND will continue to be cursed. Jesus wants to watch his boys play some ball!
  3. I agree on Jimbo licking his chops. I really like Zaire but I feel Kelly made a big mistake letting EG go. He should have made him the clear starter but said that he was going to let Zaire play a lot. Tell him he was starter but would use Zaire in multiple situations. I think we lost a great QB who went through a rough spell last year (Not all his fault by the way!) and we are going to suffer greatly because of it. With EG and Z both on the team ND could let loose and not worry about injury. Now we are one play away from disaster. This situation really sucks the big one. I still can not believe Kelly could not do more to get EG to stay. He would have to compete at any FBS school for starting job including his selection FSU. Why leave one situation you are used to for the same situation at a different place. It makes zero sense to me unless Jimbo told him he is going to be the starter no matter what. But like I said this really sucks because EG is an elite QB who will take FSU back to the final 4 while we all sit looking ugly in the face as our ex girlfriend sleeps with the enemy. Zaire is good but I just do not believe he is at the same level at this time as EG.
  4. At first I was mad and now It's just comical! Zero fire from our team. If you don't play like your *** is on fire even with all the injuries then you deserve to be embarrassed.
  5. I have a trivia question for them! How many holds will USC commit before they get called?
  6. By the end of the game AZ St. should be firing on all cylinders though!
  7. This attached circadian clock should help Corysold's argument. The game time this weekend will be during ND's peak hours for athletic performance.
  8. I think the committee will hold our schedule in high regard even with the disappointing seasons some of our opponents have had. We play zero FCS schools. Our strength of schedule has to be top notch based on that fact alone.
  9. I think one of the big things it seems none of you are looking at is that these Rankings we see today are nothing and mean squat to the new selection process. All of the teams were pre-season ranked and the SEC teams are only ranked so high because they are calling wins against pre-season over-ranked teams good. Then you see that Auburn squeaked by its out of conference game against KSU (who in my opinion lost the game by mistakes more than got beat by Auburn) and Alabama squeaked past WV. Look at all the crap teams they have played against non-power five and FCS teams. This is something the Selection Committee will/should take note of. We were robbed and everyone saw it. If we are 11-1 and FL St stays unbeaten we should be a lock. That is a money making rematch that everyone will want to see except for the overrated SEC or Big 10 teams that get left out. First things first though! ND has to win all of their games and I'm not sure they will because of youth. I hope we can win them all but the season is long when you are missing some key players and you have this much youth. Next year we should be amazing though!
  10. 31-17 Notre Dame with the Crab Thief. 37-10 Notre Dame without the Crab Thief.
  11. 35-17 Notre Dame shuts them out in the second half.
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