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  1. NDFan3

    James Stone

    With a solid season I think ND lands him no sweat. If the coaching staff was not a concern, I think he'd be an ND lean at this point, if not committed. Bama fans thought they were in the driver seat for James Hurst too; they really have their finger on the pulse of bammer recruiting
  2. Doubtful. Not only did Jefferson not like running behind Riley and Bailey at RSC, but he also doesn't find SC's depth chart appealing. UF is similarly stacked at S. I think UCLA is the favorite to land him right now. This kid is a headcase though...anything could happen between now and NSD, so ND could still land him.
  3. RB- Jordon James FB- Roberson WR- McCay/Jones/Swigert...ND gets at least 1 OT- James, Stone OL- Linder DT- Gaston and hold out for Nix or another top rated prospect LB/DE- Shembo and Barr CB- Shaw S- Parker and one of Riley/Jefferson
  4. Our chances w/ Carlo are excellent.
  5. Floyd sounds like he's a great leader. A lead by example type of guy. Having Dayne Crist and Mike Floyd committed to this class makes me really confident in the future of our offense. Both of those guys sound like great leaders.
  6. This early on I'm sure those measureables aren't 100% accurate, at least I hope not. Kelvin has great size and strength though. Good to hear that we've got a shot at a Texas kid though!!
  7. Cyrus is burner, and he is very tough to tackle. I tink he looks fast and elusive on film, two things that ND could REALLY use on the offensive side of the ball. Although have our needs at RB filled, we're definitely not at the point where we can afford to turn down rare athletes like Gray. Also, I think it would be interesting to see what Cyrus looks like as a slot WR. His speed, along with Golden's, would make them a very dangerous duo. A lot of people in Texas regard Gray as the best RB in Texas this year also. Whether you like Calhoun or Gray is your opinion, but I know most all UT fans are mad that Mack didn't go after this kid hard.
  8. Cwynar is a great candidate for EE. He has a legitimate shot to make an impact at DE next year, and the more time he can get in the program the better. He already has the perfect size for the college game. I could see him hitting the 2 deep by the end of next year.
  9. Due to our Cretin-Durham ties, you've got to like our chances with Henderson already. This is the first time I've heard that Gray is the son of a former Irish player. If we get on this kid early, and there's obviously plenty of time, I think we could have a good shot here. I know Texas usually takes the top guys from the state, but with the success of our recruiting now, and the possibility of doing big things on the field, I think we've got a good shot with this kid. Landing 2 5* OTs in one class is very SC like...
  10. Thomas doesn't have a blazing 40 time, but he definitely has FOOTBALL speed. If Auburn wants him, I think that speaks volumes of the kids RB talents considering their rich history at the position. The thing that really sets Thomas apart from the rest of the backs in this class is his balance. It's interesting that he decided to move his visit up and come in for the GT game. It makes me wonder if the limited # of scholarships, and the fact that Ryan Williams was set to visit before him had anything to do with his decision to visit earlier in the season.
  11. I'm going to guess a class of 18. 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE 2 OT 2 OG/C 1 NT 2 DE 2 ILB 2 OLB 1 CB
  12. The Todd Cyber high-five for an awesome sig.!
  13. Filer will make his official announcement on either Tuesday or Wednesday.
  14. It appears that Filer will also be spending the night in SB. Good things to come.
  15. Ok, this needs it's own thread. I've heard that the visit went very, very, very, very well. Read between the lines there. It's looking like we'll hear some news tomorrow sometime. Filer seems all but wrapped up.
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