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  1. We can't keep doing this crap against teams. We have played 3 teams of lesser talent and have only beaten 1 because of mistakes, mistakes, mistakes. We pull this crap against more talented teams, ie SC and Standford, we will get our ass handed to us.
  2. Hmmmm, spread the ball around = move the ball. Interesting. I think you are on to something Tommy.
  3. Jesus Crimminy. Can these announcers be any more pathetic? They are about to put me to sleep. Horrible.
  4. Getting pretty damn tired of our QB not looking at the receivers not #3.
  5. Auburn's last 4 classes were ranked 7, 20, 19 and 4. Oregon 19, 32, 19 and 11. I think we are placing too much value on this class ranking thing just a bit.
  6. You guys over-analyze things way too much. For Pete's sake, let the guys have some fun. Who gives a shit if he is having some fun with DH? Seriously? Really? DH is a P.O.S. so the more grief we can send his way, the better, IMO.
  7. How about these fabulous Freshman? I have seen the future and I like it.
  8. Beautiful scene on TV. Glad to see some passion again.
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