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  1. I certainly understand the position of a player preparing for the draft. I guess question really is;: wouldn't it be better for ND? If your extra practices, and the game itself were focused primarily on returning players, this would seem advantageous.
  2. Sorry if this has already been addressed elsewhere, didn't see it at a glance....Are any seniors planning on sitting out the bowl game? This has long been a pet peeve of mine, but I'm kind of starting to change my mind. We all know that ND being independent leaves a VERY narrow path to the playoffs/NY6. That being the case, I think the primary benefit to ND, for all lower tier bowls are the extra practices. My thinking is whether there is a benefit to embracing that preparation. If the coach's default position is that no one plays who isn't returning, wouldn't that better prepare us? I realize that there would be depth/red shirt issues, but at a minimum you could make it opt-in for seniors. Not looking to punish seniors who wish to play, they've earned it. Would like to take the onus off of the guys preparing for the draft. Thoughts?
  3. http://https://www.barstoolsports.com/chicago/notre-dame-should-decline-the-invitation-to-the-camping-worlddot-com-bowl
  4. https://forum.uhnd.com/forum/index.php?action=viewall&forumid=6&msgid=284651 Some times for comparison...
  5. Possibly....the 05 And 06 teams were a slight oasis amidst a desert of mediocrity....and they shared the same kind of "paper tiger" feel as the current group, but overall from a depth of talent standpoint I pick the current group.
  6. To clarify, I wasn't equating Kelly's tenure to Lou's, merely comparing to everyone else that came after. My point was that, big picture, the program is at a level where it hasn't been since 1993.
  7. Last night was awful, no excusing that. We were outcoached, outplayed, outhustled....on and on. The worst I've seen since Miami 2 years ago, same feeling. We couldn't execute on a very basic level, and we kept doing the same things that weren't working. Extremely frustrating! With that said, big picture, Notre Dame has regained a spot of national prominence that it hasn't held in 26 years (1993). We have more talent, across the board, then we've had in a long time. BK's shortcomings as a coach deserves to be seen in context. He has measured up better than Weis, Willingham, or Davie. You have to go back to Lou to find a more successful coach, and Lou had his moments as well. Kelly's style of offense is generally not to my liking, even when its working. His team's have appeared woefully unprepared at times, and on the biggest stages. I'm not his staunchest defender, by any stretch. I'm not prepared to cast him aside, though. Keep in mind that ND has an abysmal track record of selecting new head coaches.
  8. I really feel like we have no shot at the playoffs, but I'll play along. The only chance we have is for the Big12 (Oklahoma) to completely crap the bed. Even then the chances of us getting a spot over a second SEC team seems very slim. The loser of Bama/LSU and the loser of the SEC Championship would both need to lose again. In this respect Hawaii might be right about UGA's loss not being all bad. IMHO there are just too many teams ahead of us (for the spot, not in the polls) that could suffer a loss and still bump us.
  9. My point, which was poorly made, was this: Wisconsin travels to Ohio St. in 2 weeks. We would normally think of this as a knockout game; a team in front of us eliminated. My contention is that this game is essentially meaningless to us if it is replayed as the Big 10 Championship. Whichever team wins the B10 will be in the playoffs, unless further chaos ensues. The Wisc/Ohio St game doesn't get us closer, regardless of outcome.
  10. Yeah, I can't imagine that we're in anything better than the 7th spot (taking the future schedule into consideration). Problem is that the 6 spots ahead of us could be filled by any number of teams, and even losses don't necessarily move the behind us. Alabama and LSU both stay ahead, regardless. Same with Ohio State and Wisconsin. Tough to see a path for us. Clemson, SEC champ, Big 10 champ....we'd have to move past too many teams (like 2012, except we have a loss that is only mitigated by UGA winning the SEC).
  11. I think that, at various points, concessions have been made to keep ND competitive. In "Under the Tarnished Dome" various players bemoaned the standards being lowered for "Holtz's guys". I take everything in that book with a large grain of salt, it was written as a gotcha piece, and there are always going to be sour grapes from those who feel marginalized by a new staff. But, I do believe that various factors, primarily the NBC contract, impact ND by keeping the pressure on to be among the elite football programs. I also believe that this impacts the style that ND tries to play. Old-fashioned smash-mouth football, played on grass, isn't as attractive to TV as a wide-open turf game. There's also a real good chance that I'm just becoming an old curmudgeon. GET OFF MY DAMN LAWN!!
  12. Call me old-fashioned, but if it comes down to a choice between Notre Dame having a unique identity, versus ultimate success by following the Clemson/Alabama model, I want the former. I believe Notre Dame to be a special place, with advantages, but also unique challenges. It means a lot to me over the years when an underdog Irish team has prevailed against superior talent (77 Natty against Texas, 88 against Miami, etc.). I have no desire for ND to sacrifice (further!!) that which makes them special in pursuit of a boring dominance.
  13. I love our safeties and DEs, especially love the depth of talent. I actually really like our YOUNG LBs, though they certainly need to develop. I think Book will return to his steady, yet unspectacular form. I liked watching young receivers emerge. If we can't pick up 2 yards when we need it however, all these positives will be for nought.
  14. Our short yardage run blocking has long been a source of frustration for me. I can't really blame Quinn, the problem predates his arrival. We have had great linemen (what is it, 3 straight 1st round picks at LT?), but we have consistently failed to run effectively in short-yardage situations. Every time I see us try to pull a lineman in 3rd and 2, I want to scream. Our lineman are typically bigger, and more physical than the guy lined up across from him. Put a body on him, hold a block for 2 seconds, and have a back hit the hole quick. It's not rocket science. When you try to pull a lineman into 5he hole on short yardage, you are just adding congestion. Not to mention that a quicker DL will just follow the pulling lineman into the backfield. Pulling line.an is great when you are asking them to clean up the second level of the defense. You don't need to worry about the second level if you only need 2 yards. My two cents...
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