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  1. completely agree with you. the reason I'm posting in this thread at all is b/c some people blamed my university as a whole for having to do that in the first place.
  2. yea but a couple other posters only talked about joepa.... therefore i make that statement talking about the board as a whole and its participants....
  3. then talk about joe pa. I don't give a shit. But talking about penn state students being jackasses, saying the university and everyone involved covered up child rape, talking about riots, last time i checked, none of that has anything to do with football. So follow your own advice, buddy. p.s. jerry sandusky is a former COLLEGE FOOTBALL COACH. maybe try acknowledging the fact that that sick fuck is the one who raped the kids in the first place.
  4. ONE SIDE OF THE STORY: Sandusky Rapes kids. Joe pa, McQuery, Spanier, Schwartz, Curley do not do enough. Scandal becomes public. Joe pa is the devil. Joe Pa is a shit human being, Joe pa deserves to die, Joe Pa is guilty for the crimes, not sandusky. Joe pa fired. Super violent riot occurs where news reporters feared their safety. PSU students are idiots. Who cares about sandusky, Joe Pa deserves to go to jail. Fuck common sense, lets care more about the job status of a football coach and not so much as to what to do to help the victims (if we actually do care like we say about what happened to the victims and what they are going through). Let's talk as much shit as we can about everyone who has anything to do with Penn State because the University supports child rape and abuse. Saturday comes: TOO MANY PEOPLE HAVE SIGNS ABOUT JOE PA. Penn State fans are retarded. Who gives a shit if they raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the victims of child abuse. OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY: Sandusky Rapes kids. Joe pa, McQuery, Spanier, Schwartz, Curley do not do enough. Scandal becomes public. Embarrassment of the cover up and how it reflects of the university ensues. Members of the Penn State family demand details and answers to many questions. Neither are given to us. We start asking ourselves, who is responsible? Details still don't emerge, so harsh generalizations haven't been made yet on those involved. Joe pa fired, some believe it was premature because of the lack of details and evidence. Nobody knows yet what happened. 4% of PSU students have a rally in the streets. 12 of those students flip a news van. (IT LATER COMES OUT THAT 4 OF THOSE PEOPLE WERE STUDENTS AT STATE COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL! YES! HIGH SCHOOL KIDS)The whole national media then decides to call it a violent riot and it makes national headlines. Nobody has heard about Sandusky yet. how is that fair? Why is he still not being made the villain? We ask, why are Curley and Spanier STILL paid employees of the university. Why is nobody talking about sandusky? People outside of the situation start to make unsourced and very biased comments. Very frustrating to those who had nothing to do with the crimes. Saturday comes. Everyone buys blue shirts sold around the town and university to raise money for the victims, and to show that they care more about the victims then any coach. Hundreds of thousands of dollars raised. The worst week ever as a Penn State student or family member closes. Why is nobody talking about sandusky? Life as a student returns to normal as an investigation to uncover all the details of the case begins. We wait until the details come out to further discuss the situation. Maybe it's a little easier to understand where i'm coming from now. Notice neither side is complete support for Paterno, notice the many similarities in each side as to who is accountable. Help at all?
  5. To everyone who has taken part in this thread, or to anyone who even has an opinion on the situation at penn state. End this thread now, delete it, and go back to talking about Notre Dame football, which this forum is meant for. None of you really care whats going on here, none of you really know or understand what you are talking about. And not a single person on here has been here and understands how hard it is to be a student here this week, someone who has had nothing to do with any of this, and listen to people make comments and form opinions based on complete bias, and not on any facts or knowledge of the situation. All of you have lost sight that the victims are the only ones that matter right now. So what if a few college kids riot? So what if a few people have a "we love joe" sign at the game? None of that is anywhere near as important as what the victims are going through right now. So shame on every single one of you for not being able to realize that. If you actually do give any shit about what happens to those victims, then show that by donating, or by doing something useful and effective, and if you don't have a strong enough opinion to go do something about it, then worry about yourself, focus on your own life, and leave everyone else alone.
  6. 112,000 people wearing blue, hundreds of thousands of dollars raised in the past week specifically towards the effort to stop child abuse, the hundreds of people who marched down beaver avenue in support of giving a voice to the victims (which probably didn't make the news btw): all of those things are a lot bigger and a lot more important than a few "we love joe" signs throughout the stadium. You don't feel horrible for anyone in this mess. Don't lie. You don't give a shit about the team, you don't give a shit about anyone in the Penn State family, you don't even care about the victims at this point.
  7. He needs to get his facts straight? So now we are guilty and part of it because 4% of us rioted? Your focus is on the "stupid kids" paying the consequences for their "stupid acts", and it seems you are not worried at all that Sandusky is currently sitting on his couch watching all of this crap be blamed on everyone except him. Here's the deal. You don't have any first hand experience of what's going on here. You base all of what you say on the opinions of biased reporters. You read unsourced articles and use them as fact. You do not even take one second to stop and acknowledge the other side of the argument. Hell you aren't even decent enough to understand what that other side is yet. You are one of the most ignorant people I have ever heard.
  8. 2,000 / 45,000 students...... looks like a fraction to me
  9. please inform me on how me and my friends started shit for you....
  10. i def agree. i have been waiting for him to leave. i'm not trying to defend the decisions he made, its just sad to see him go this way. Just like the quote from the dark night, "you either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain." couldn't be more true in this case
  11. lol all u do is try and start shit huh?
  12. What I don't think anyone understands is that our motto, "Success with honor" has only been damaged when it comes to the men who took part in these horrible acts. Academically it is still very true, within our student body it is still very true. I don't feel like the university lied to me when it comes to that. I feel like Paterno did, and McQuery, and Spanier. But my view of Penn State as a university has not changed one bit. I don't think you understand that. And i don't understand why you think it would. What i think people don't understand is the reason 99% of the students here chose to come here. Not because of JoePa, not because of Spanier, not because of football. But when comments are made such as "what were 2000 of your idiot friends doing last night" or "i have lost all respect for Penn State and its students" and all of the sick jokes that people now make about Penn State as a whole, it makes me feel "what the hell did I do, or did my friends do, or did any of the students do, to deserve that? What did any of my professors do to deserve it? Or any coach outside of the football program? Any of the football players themselves? We all feel disrespected by not only what has happened here, but by how the world has reacted. Generalizations about my fellow students and I are based on the actions of 5 men. That doesn't seem fair at all to me, yet nobody else in the world has acknowledged that..... What I think people don't understand is that as big as joePa seems, he is not Penn State. He is not the most powerful person on campus, he does not represent everything the university is about. There is so much more that goes into a student body, a university, and its moral values than just a football coach. So the fact that Paterno was the only person talked about throughout this mess is very frustrating to all of us. And the fact that everyone else in the world talked more about Paterno than anyone or anything else makes me feel that most of you don't understand that there is in fact, much more that makes up a university. Penn State is not at a crossroads. Our whole lives did not revolve around Paterno. Our academic standards have absolutely nothing to do with Paterno, the amazing things our student body does every year, such as THON, has nothing to do with Paterno. None of that is damaged. None of that is changed. The fact that all of you are talking about how the university got the death penalty in the public eye shows me that you don't understand. The way the world has reacted makes us all feel like we took a part in the horrible crimes and actions that were committed. We didn't. We have nothing to do with it. That's why it won't affect us. I don't need luck. I'm not part of this. Everyone else made me part of this, and that's what I don't understand.
  13. Actually, I have already done that.
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