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  1. Theo was our MVP tonight. His toughness and spin moves led to many extra yards and we needed every one of them.
  2. I drive past his high school everyday on my way to work. Maybe in the next couple of days I will stop and talk to him about the greatness that is ND. Seriously though, Stanford is a great school. Can't really go wrong when you are choosing between ND and Stanford.
  3. up 11 at the half, ill take it. I feel a pick for 6 by the irish D in the second half...
  4. you guys are hilarious.
  5. can anyone give me a rundown of who ND has pulled from this high school in the past? i know michael floyd is from the same school and i know there is handful of others, but their names escape me at the moment.
  6. you would think they would move us up after the jacobson debacle.
  7. ziggy----i know, just trying to be funny. thanks for the updates. much appreciated.
  8. notice charlie also says 22 commits. now who knows when curry talked to charlie, but if he talked to him yesterday then i would think KLM has not committed to charlie.
  9. is florida investigating meyer now? i think i saw that on tv last night.
  10. You have to wonder how Lou puts up with these guys. Makes me glad we play our home games on NBC. (Although some new announcers might be nice). Anyways cant wait to see J. Gray in action.
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