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2006 Schedule

Guest SirJohn

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Guest SirJohn

:D We have a bye till Tenn on November 5th.


I have always said one game at a time and that game is Tenn. I have not even checked out the team following November 5th.


There 9is just no news coming out until Coach Weis Presser. I was at one ND site and it must have had seven different papers etc with the same ole same ole account. :roll:


With nothing going on and in the interest to spark a little chatter or debate here is the 2006 Notre Dame Schedule. Being well aware it is impossible to guage any 2006 team off the 2005 results (Except we dang well know ND will be better in 2006 :lol: )


Noting Penn State had an unusual year. Might be difficult = **


1. Sept 06 Georgia Tech away

2 Sept 09 Penn State Home. (Welcome to Charlie land JoePa

3 Sept 16 Michigan Home

4 Sept 23 Michigan State. Away. We owe them a bad one.

5. Sept 30 Purdue Home

6. Oct 07 Stanford

(end of first six games) Restart new season a la Coach Weis

7, Oct 21 UCLA We had a bye and Home. They look good 2005

8. Oct 26 Navy To be decided usuallay a 'neutral' like Giants stadium?

9. Nov 04 North Carolina Home

10 Nov 11 Air Force Away

11 Nov 18 Army Home

12 Nov 25 So Cal Away OH smash them

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Guest SirJohn

:D I was just going to post that Stanford is a Home game and I left that out.


UCLA seems to look good. I do see So Cal having problems. :D (Basic premise is no one wins forever.) Wouldn't mind UCLA and So Cal tearing each other apart. PS I use So Cal cause their media says the prefer SC or USC and dislike So Cal :lol:


A 'hyped' game might be Penn State? Old JoePa the 350 winner legened and "New age Guru" Coach Weis in a house he is familiar with but so many 2005 changes.

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