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Guest Weisguy

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Guest Weisguy

well this is going pretty much how i expected, everyone thought that the byu defense would give charlie difficulty,,, uh yea wrong! i liked the fake quick thow and fade td to stovall

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Guest lovemyfriend

Nice little game, lots of records broken today. Nice to see Stovall do well, Zibby still very active .. I do wish Wolke would have got an opportunity to throw it just once. On the Volunteers next, Go Irish!

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Guest SirJohn

As I mentioned above I didn't get the ND feed here just Georgia and Arkansas. So "watched ND BYU on gametracker computer. It seemed a little sloppy and lots of flags? Not having visual I'd guess we were a bit flat still from last week at the start of this game. I saw lots of mention of Ndukwe and Wooden. They seem to be stepping up. I can't say where our running game was but Brady's 472 and 6 TDs? Wow. Zibbys 84 yard interception as well right on the clock there. :D


Anyway I got to jump around on TV games and Yes I did see Tenn Alabama Champ. Saw the Tenn guy fumble out the possible TD.


The problem I have when one says Tough D is that means the Offense is just Crap. I saw no real Bama or Tenn Offense. I think Weis and Company could have shredded both and will when Tenn arrives. I would have prefrred Tenn winning for a higher rating against us.


ABC on Break their three man chat "Sports experts" which are morons, one seemed to have one half of a brain cell still operating.... He said regarding Brady Quinn "I wouldn't be surprised to see him in New York next year." (NFL Draft.) I mean what a brilliant observation :lol: :lol: :lol: I'm always stunned "They pay these guys?"

:D :lol:

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