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Remember I said this


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Gerald McCoy will be Irish.


I can't guarantee it but it is close to a guarantee.


This is not speculation, there is a source to it. Keep in mind that I said a few weeks ago that Carufel will be Irish ("Recruiting List for Saturday" thread, Oct. 11th). It is now being stated that he has committed but has not made it public yet. Same source.

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Guest SirJohn

I did see aSBT article that was quoting Lemming on who came to the game. This reminded me to mention it here..was that Lemming felt we would be getting a commet or two at end of this week. I've read besides doing it on TV etc that some kids like to do it at Pressers at their HS in front of all the other students. So? Maybe Friday?

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Guest SirJohn

:D But it was supposed to be so easy for Urban in recruiting? He was quoted as I can go a few hours from here and be done for the year. Then turnerd around and went on the road. Be glad you have Coach Weis.



From Dailysentinel.com

By Edgar Thompson


Meyer's offense has managed one sustained touchdown drive — an 80-yarder against Tennessee — in three games against Top-25 competition and coaches are in search of answers. Yet, some recruits recognize key injuries and growing pains with a complicated system are factors.


"They'll be fine," said St. Augustine-Nease quarterback Tim Tebow, ranked the nation's top prospect at his position by Scout.com. "You have to look at their potential."


But Wallace said many recruits become wary of a coach who sells potential more than results. He said Notre Dame's immediate success under Charlie Weis shows that some transitions can be smooth.


"He'll look like a wishful thinker, if you have a coach who's touting an offense that doesn't look good," Wallace said of Meyer. "That's part of being a good coach, you have to make adjustments. Right now, Urban has a lot of them to make."

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