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backfield powerhouses

Guest domehead

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Guest domehead

Alright guys..prdictions on what you think might be the most powerful backfield in college ball this year..?? I know I know Lienhart and Bush right..but what about some others?

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Guest IrishHog

Obviously I like where we stand with RPN,DW, and BQ. Add to that all the others challenging for carries I feel we are in a good situation. With that being said, others to watch:


1. Adrian Petersen (Oklahoma)


2. Mike Hart/Chad Henne (Michigan)


3. Reggie Bush/Matt Leinart (USC)


4. Troy Smith/Ted Ginn Jr. (O$U)


5. Omar Jacobs/Pope (BGSU)

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Guest Snatchy_McPants

Ok, now that I've got my Irish bias out of the way, how bout this one?


Brad Smith - Mizzou


I know a backfield consists of a running back and a quarterback, but in his case does it even matter? I lived in Missouri during his wonder season of '03 and you could not turn on a TV set without seeing his highlights. Kid has crazy mad skills. Word has it that Pinkel is changing the entire offensive scheme (again) to capitalize on Smith's Heisman-worthy talent. I still have no clue why he tried to force Smith into being a drop-back pocket passer for the "Did we really just lose to TROY???" '04 season.

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Notre Dame's offense will be vastly improved this year. We're pretty much bringing back all of our offense.


Brady will be a junior

DW will get more carries with Ty gone

McKnight and Stovall have something to prove if they want to play on Sundays.

We have one of the best TE's in the nation in Fasano with Carlson and Freeman making for a good TE rotation. Our entire OL is back.

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Guest Irish19

Everybody knows about Leinart/Bush/White and I'm not completely sold on the OSU and Texas bandwagons. So I would have to say the best backfield (After DW and BQ of course) would be...

The other Bush's backfield (Louisville)

Michael Bush and Brian Brohm... Brohm is a stud at QB and Michael Bush is one of the biggest gamebreakers in College Football.

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