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Guest bluester2000

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Guest bluester2000

I've got a couple of issues that need to be addressed...


#1 - Why are we surprised that Leinart is complaining about cheap shots? He's a wuss. We know he's a wuss. He's taking BALLROOM DANCING as an elective! Wait, this just it... I'm sorry, he's actually taking BALLROOM DANCING as his only elective... Wait, more information is coming in from Southern Cal... He's taking BALLROOM DANCING as his only class! I'm glad that the NCAA and USC in general have no problem with this.


#2 - All I hear is how USC is too fast for Notre Dame. Our DBs are still chasing the guys from 10 years ago. Blah blah blah. All I know is that Notre Dame has faced some pretty good passing teams (Pittsburgh, Michigan, Purdue, MSU), and has managed to do okay. Granted Pitt, UM, and PU aren't the teams they were supposed to be, but all we heard going into each of those games was how ND's DB's couldn't cover those guys. We proved them wrong before, and will do again.


#3 - People love talking about Wooden and Richardson as the weakness of this defense. That is flat out wrong. I love Z and Ndukwe. They're ball hawking safeties with a nose for the big play. Unfortunately, they couldn't cover a bed with a sheet. Neither is a natural coverage safety. Both are big hitters who are going to get beat deep because of their tendency to peak into the backfield. It's in their natural instincts, and while it will kill us from time to time it's also played a big role in our success.


#4 - This goes back to something I kinda touched on above, but... Notre Dame is getting seriously disrespected for the schedule so far. Most of the pundits will claim that "Michigan, Purdue, and Pittsburgh" were all way overrated at the beginning of the year. Those 3 teams had a combined record of 3-1 going in their game with Notre Dame. Not only that, but we were playing them at their best and at home. Pittsburgh was at it's most dangerous when we played them. They were playing to show last year wasn't a fluke. Michigan was playing for the Big 10 and NC crown, they had no excuse not to be prepared. Purdue was a wounded animal that did not want a repeat performance of last year; a loss against ND in that situation would prove to be the end of their season. All Notre Dame can do is schedule the best teams and beat them. Unfortunately, we can't force these teams to play better after we've already beaten them.


#5 - USC really isn't that much better than we are. For instance, Brady has more TD's than Leinart. For those wondering, this is Brady's first year with an actual offensive coordinator. Plus, Brady was playing his freshman year, not earning a redshirt so he could play semi-pro ball during his "5th year." I used the quotes because really, when I hear someone taking a 5th year at college I assume they're pursuing some sort of degree.

Yeah, Bush and White are nice players, but do you really think DWalk/RPN are going to get shut down? We don't need him to match their rushing output, we just need to have our running game pose enough of a threat to force them to commit. For instance, Purdue shut down our ground game, but they committed to many defenders to stopping the run, causing the Irish to absolutely gash them in the air.


#7 - MOST IMPORTANTLY: If you have tickets HOLD ONTO THEM. I was a freshman for the Sea of Red game. I am certain that if Nebraska hadn't gotten a hold of as many tickets as they did that game would have ended in favor of the Irish. I have 5 tickets to this game. Two in the lower bowl, two in the upper sections, and one GA in the student section. They are going only to Notre Dame fans (my brothers who are alumni) for face value.


I know they're a hot item on E-Bay right now, but hold off! If you don't have tickets, buy them, get to the game, and make some noise. That will be the most important thing. BE LOUD! BE ANGRY! Make them burn timeouts, jump offsides, and get nailed for delay of game. Charlie, his staff, and the players have been busting their @sses for the last two weeks to make this game what it should be. You damn well better do the same.

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Guest Irish4life

really good post man. i would blow my voice out so badly if i were in the stands. i wish i could be there.

people that just sit and do nothing are stupid and there kinda like a waste. stand up and cheer!!!

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Guest Snatchy_McPants

Excellent post Bluester, as per usual! Any true ND fan would never sell a ticket to any game, at any price. Tickets to a game of this magnitude have no price........period. So many of us would do anything to get a chance to be in the stands screaming our guts out. I've said it a million times, and I'll say it again..........Legends did not become legends until they did something LEGENDARY. When the Irish walk off the field in victory, it may finally set in that USC can and will be beaten. GO IRISH!

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Guest IrishTobey

great points and awesome posts. I have one big concern going into the game and that is that people are actually picking ND to win. Bob Davie did on ESPN.com, several of the guys on cbssportsline.com have as well. My fear is that this will provide incentive to USC. I was hoping USC would come in so over-confident that they wouldn't know what hit them. Just ask Oklahoma about USC when they have something to play for. I'm afraid all the talk of slow starts, poor pass defense, etc... will have USC circling the wagons a little and have them coming out with a chip on their shoulder. I hope they still think they are playing the same team they beat by 31 but i really wish ND was not getting so hyyped for this game. They can pull it off and I hope they do. GO IRISH!!!

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Guest SirJohn

I have that similar feeling Toby. I wish to G-- Davie would shut his trap but you know he never will. Those are the Johnny-come-latelys anyway that's just this man here's opinion of the talking heads.


Other then that I don't really think USC feels over confidant facing Notre Dame. They know it's a different team and Coaching staff so expect a battle. However, I do think while they expect the battle and one they can win, they really don't know exactly the troubles we will bring them in it.


I'm going back to my earlier post somewhere..They really haven't lost so don't know the taste it brings to someone who has lost. Which is really Notre Dame want's it all more than USC. Call it Rocky in boxing for an analogy. :D


This realy realy is the best thing to hit Notre Dame in so long a time.

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