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USC's Cheap shiot, replay and other items

Guest SirJohn

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Guest SirJohn

I did nor see the hot on USC's QB that is called a 'cheap shot" around the media and the resulting whing by the USC QB. Did see 'some punk without a career in the NFL taking out a star.


Just read that USC plays in a "finnese" Pac 10 league. I'm not sure about this. All I can say is welcome to the world of violent football. I consider any injury a bad thing but they will happen. R McKights knee for instance.


This is the choice you make with football and the resulting injurys. As I said I can't know if it was cheap. If I'm a linebascker who's alrerady in the air launched for a smack hit no whistle can stop me.


If I'm a no-talent line backer my job is still to pound the c**p out of the QB. What would my coach and team think if because the USC QB is a huge future star in the NFL I let him wonder around his pocket all day tossing another TD? Is the rule then OK only some big star line backer allowed to smack a star QB.


I n the above I have seen 'finnese' teams with incredible speed simply allowed to do it. Time comes when they are playing a 'tough' team that bumps them, whacks them shoves them off the ball they want to cry that they can't do their thing. That's when I see star speedster get into shoving shoutin matches and flags thrown. They lose their cool.


Cheap vs Stupid? I call stupid what one of our players at ND did. Their QB was clearly stepping out of bounds into a large-large painted white out of bounds area. But our guy flys in can't seem to see the white painted marker at his feet and hits the QB. Course we got a flag on that. Course I cursed at the TV course Coach Weise litteraly peeled the enamal off the guys teeth for that.


Seven stiches on a chin? Jeese tinking of leather helmits no face mask days. Ever see pictures of those young guys who played then? No teeth and their does are bent in a dozen directions. Then too a way then to stop a nose bleed was to shove dirt up the nostrels. Whining I can do without.


Replay? USC is clearly within their rights to decline. Nothing anyone can do about it. I can envision a USC Vs ND game where ND wins but TV cameras clearly show USC would have won the game if they had replay. Oh the screems forthcoming on "We was robbed." :lol: :lol:

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