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Guest SirJohn

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Guest SirJohn

Below is an item I sent to a writer in the ND Observer about wages at ND.


Neither she nor I are attacking ND. We are talking about something that goes on ALL OVER. But why should it occur at ND?


Look though it does NOT really come out of ND's budget were giving $2,000,000 dollarsthis and next year to some useless fool in Washington. Can't we pay a decent wage to staff?


So in having our fun and rooting for our team still there's little things that can improve. You can write to place below to express any support from a fan far away.




Thank you for your note. I hope too the administration will share our

concerns and do something about wages and respect for workers on

campus. my best to you.


Kamaria B. Porter

Lead Organizer- Campus Labor Action Project





"There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why... I

dream of things that never were, and ask why not?" - Robert F Kennedy


"Love for others, and especially for the poor, is made concrete by

promoting justice." Pope John Paul II


On Sep 28, 2005, at 9:53 PM, Yesterdaysnews42@aol.com wrote:



> Heartily agree with you. I am just a subway alumni, football lover.

> Sad to see this go on about wages. I hope and pray all the new

> changes with Pres/Father Jenkins this is rectified.


> I'm just a far away ND fan that never thought of some inner workings.


> Wages and thing are quiet prevalent but it would seem ND could lead

> the way in yet another change.


> Hoping you get some backing and positive Administration feedback


> John

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Guest SirJohn

From the Obsiver.( WSondering about faint hearted ND 'FANS' now?) Original article i asked this nice lady for.





Kamaria Porter <kporter@nd.edu>* has sent you a message!





here's the article








Click the following to access the sent link:


Link to Article: Notre Dame's labor question


Article Summary

As we enter a new era as a university community we have so many questions to address. How will we respond to new challenges while remaining true to our mission and to the commissioning statement of our founder? How will the questions proposed from in and outside our University community be answered? How will we be a premier research University and maintain the heart of our mission? I am encouraged by the variety of questions and proposals we all have been mulling over - especially the ones put forward by Father John Jenkins last Friday. [read full article]









* The sender's identity has not been verified.


Access the entire article by pasting the link below into your web browser:



Follow this link to read the Privacy Policy at The Observer.

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