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Guest GoIrish68

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Guest GoIrish68

Greetings Notre Dame fans...here is some 2005 stats for you at this present time since there are eleven days before the USC/Notre Dame game at this present time...


1). Through Five games Notre Dame has outscored its opponents 185-120


2). The average score for a Notre Dame/Opponent is ND 37 points the

opponent 24. How about that!!!!!!!!!!


3). Notre Dame will defeat USC in eleven days 37-31 that is my



Coach Sir John, Champion hopefully we will hear from you.

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Guest SirJohn

Yes Coach dan I do think Notre Dame will prevail over USC.


I haven't looked ahead at USC till after Purdue. I will say at the start of the season I looked at the schedule and put a mental L on that date with a shrug of shoulders.


While it's the TEAMS that meet and these guys will fight all the way to hell and back.I give a W now just from our coaching and conditioning.


I don't insult USC nor the quality of their coaching staff. I think our coaches are much better, and that is saying something. I've read many many coach Pressers. Where they chop up what occured during the game and explain.


Can you read Coach Weis talking about 3 step drop back, blitzing or lack thereof, exact number of snaps Purdue had all from memory and not have your jaw fasll open? If coaches are teachers Weis is at the head of the list and other coaches complete morons. He just explained away why some "expert" wondered why we didn't go to a deep route or Blitz more.


I have read his Pressers are jammed and I can see why, the sportswriters are getting a first hand education in Football. A past ND coach and I see others say "we were inconsistant." Coach Weis explains WHY. It's like the others parrot a word without knowing why.


I'm still reminded from one of his Pressers about I believe some tackle to Guard. I guess I expected a switch like that would be speed, mobility or talent. Coach said he has short arms. Ahahah! I learned something right there.


I exppect to win and IF we don't. I'd be a bit unhappy for a while but sure won't cry. Very proud of what I call the new era at Notre Dame this group is year #1.


One thing is this team rates with the best all time Notre Dame teams. Since your the 'stat man' I'm sure there are statistic of better teams so I mean only sheer effort and overcoming really rocky incidents since December.

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Guest Champion10

Ill tell you what Sir John I was worried about the USC game at the start of the season, however as these young season has progressed I have a secert confidence about this game for what ever reason. While the "experts" say we have no chance at all and that ND is over rated, meanwhile coach Weis is game planning as we speak(or type). to me it just seems that weis has some thinig up his sleeves that he hasnt shown anyone yet.

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Guest domehead

well, we do know one thing..we will score on Southern cal(from my understanding they love to be called that)...now the truth lies on if we can stop their offense..I'm an not sure if anyone can "stop" their offense..contain them ..yes ..stop them..hmmm..not sure. If we( i mean when we) get them down early.. when we take a lead into half time..wether it be 3 or 23 points ..I believe what seperates us from the Arizona States and other teams that have had them down in the final half of the game is that CW and Brady will manage the game to where they will not be able to put up enormus numbers...we are physically and fundamentally better than those teams and Southern Cal..is going to be out played on a constant level until that final horns blows and we are victorious. Those will be the differences...outcoached...better game clock management..and hands down in better shape than those pretty boy surfer dudes..I have a serious gut feeling about this game and us being victorious in it..God what a feeling it would be to shut those idiots up from ESPN...we are ND..we are back...GO IRISH

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Guest IrishTobey

i hope you all are right. I'm just so happy ND is competitive week in and week out again. I think for ND the best defense is a great offense. Domehead you are right. I don't think you can stop USC's offense but if they are wearing baseball caps on the sideline while ND is ripping off another 15 play 80 yard drive that chews up 7 or 8 minutes then they will in effect be stopped. It's time for Weis to bring out the gameplan that he used when New England beat the Colts last year. I have a gut-feeling on this game too. I think they pull it off but at any rate ND is back!!!

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Guest SirJohn

Yes it can be done. No one wins forever and someday on a long streak WE won't. Hubris is a killer but I don't think they will be coming to South Bend 'overconfident.' Forget the #1 ranking that's unimportant they know their 3rd NC is on the line.


For us under Coach Weis we have yet to win in our own house before our people. If you will that's our motivation and our National Champion hopes, simply win for our house. 4-1 and none at home yet. If you want call it HUNGER. Our guys are hungry theirs have been too well filled and never experienced hunger.


All that being said, USC does not know what it is like to lose. (Sounds funny to say that?) If you create a chain reaction of keeping them off the field, some sacks with the QB on his back, disrupted pass routtes, etc. Your creating doubt, anxiety and some TOO eagerness to make a killer play instead of just doing your job. Mistakes pile up that way.


Offense will be fine. Defense? Again we just have to make fewer mistakes and keep up with them as in a horse race. Dispite their big numbers 50 points blah- blooey - bloop they really have not had to face anyone competitive, eager and all day tough. I give us the edge on conditioning from Mendoza and because in 50 point games a bunch of them have been pulled from the game and sitting down. None have really had to whack it out 60 minutes.


None of what I said above is matching up. QB, Line, 3-4-5 star players against whatever we have. Speed, ability Blah.


We have what we have. Control the clock, make quick changes in schemes, just do your job and when the final whistle blow you find your team is ahead in points.


There's two things in here one your Southern Cal #1 but who cartes we are Notre Dame. Two once again we have not yet won in our house. That's motivation

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