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Aldredge / Merriville

Guest SirJohn

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This is what I mean. This is from a straight news account in PostTrib.com. This falls under a recruiting slot.


I know no more about it then this published news account, that he verbed to ND we will honor it, has this ACL injury, extent ability unknown etc. Since he is ND then I am concerend about his progress.



3. What’s wrong with Merrillville?


The lofty expectations placed on the Pirates this season were largely based on running back James Aldridge. But the Notre Dame-bound senior is coming off ACL surgery, and does not appear to be at 100 percent. And with teams keying on him and stacking the box, he’s simply not finding the running room.


Quarterback Evan Parker is making defenses respect the pass, but as long as Aldridge remains boxed up, Merrillville will have a tough time advancing far in the postseason.

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Guest Snatchy_McPants

No worries, Sir John. He's in a different world right now than what he will see next year. Last year, he came in as a stud move-in on a team that would have been average without him. As such, they have an average offensive line and support staff. It worked so well last year because he was an unknown, so teams had to scramble to prepare for him. This year, teams have realized that if they devote all their attention to stopping the run, they essentially stop Merrillville. Even after the ACL injury, he is still capable of being the dominating running back from last season (as evidenced by his performance in the opener), he simply is not getting the help that he surely will have running behind ND's O-line, and with ND's dominating passing game. My confidence in James Aldridge is still sky high! GO IRISH!

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Guest WeisGuy05

Do not forget Aldridge runs the in the sand dunes. That shows he has the drive and that has to help him mentally with the ACL. If Edge can comeback and run like he still does for the Colts then Aldridge can do it. I have these visions of him being possibly better than Julius Jones was... :twisted: .

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:D Explained welland clear Snatchy :D


Beyond we wanted him Blah! I know little. Then it gets to that ACL and will he do more then hold a clipboard 4 years and get 3 minutes on a special team every once in awhile at ND cause I know we honor those verbs while other places will dump a kid.



Mendoza can help :D There's a Coach Weis has to keep. The improvement is noticible.


Had a horrible thought of a similar 'exercise guru on some machine seen in infomercials mixed in with this insurance commercial' by Mendoza.


"Coach Weis if i can show you how to more out of life and save a bunch of money would you be interested?" "YEAH!" Great news I just saved a bunch of money swithcing to GEICO."

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Guest SirJohn

Recruiting not my bag. Rules and inf when yes.


I've seen some site post 30 recruits.??????????????????? Dunno.


NCAA alows 25 a year weis has 19. Two? enroll January means 17 slots left.

8 to offer. January enrolls before Feb i cut off count as 2004 schloarhips.


So posters say so and so has 30......?? That's impossible under NCAA rules. Ignore that BS.


Coach Weis had 15 his first recruiting year. OK? Those are closed unless they enroll Januarr


Now I think 4 left the team? Five? If you recall Coach Weis gave 3 schloarships to "Walk ons"

In spring. Those are some guys left the team so there are schloarships left at ND to offer.


These may or may not be full schlarships. Meaning if a guy left as a Junior the ND offer is only one year more so that walk on only gets a years paid tuition If he is say a Sophmore.. he is begging his Senior year.


These are "partial schloarships"


Now it pays for any Coach to keep 1 or 2 schloarships available for some bright walk on that flew under the radar screens.


Figure 6 slots left bump up 2 because of january enroolment , Coach Weis hugs 1 or 2 for walk ons that means, figue one only (call it gamble and hold one slot open if no one leaves this year ) SEVEN guys ND can take,, Who? What? You tell me.


It's anothher seven "Magnificent Seven." thing

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