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Guest SirJohn

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I did read the Irish 3 post on traditions. Beyond smacking play like a Champion today, a sign Lou Holtz brought in I know few.


This is how my old brain works:


I had already read from another ND fan site that they were urging the Cheerleaders/students to start chanting "Here Come the Irish." when the Irish run out of our tunnel at home games. Seems to be an older tradition since dropped. The people at the site went so far as to write the cheerleaders and extract a promise to do so. Somehow they did not do it.

Sad to say. Sounds Cool.


I left this out because it didn't go off. It should be done. :D Mkake ND not a place for another team wanting to play.


I was joking over in another area here with domer about singing.


Went out to store and somehow thought of an old song. "Bells will ring ting a ling ting a ling and we'll sing Vita Bella" Laugh if you will.


All these things suddenly went "CLICK!" A DD IDEA


Now Army fires a cannon when they score. Is it west Va firing a musket? Noles with a spear?


Now i don't hear but why can't we, seeing Notre Dame is a Catholic University the Basillica bells ring every touchdown?


I'm sure it's not ropes and hunchback of Notre Dame stuff 2005. A little electroinc swith connected from stadium to bell tower.


A little idea here. ?????


If outta line I am outta line

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Guest SirJohn

Hmm some reads to this post shoiw no positive or negative comments. Small beans? Bells ringing on an ND TD?


No hits at all. No 'Hey might provide exciting crowd lift' or that's irreligious..


I can only reply like Bobby kennedy. "There are those who look at things the way they are and ask why. I dream of things that never were and ask why not."


A 50's song plus later by the Three Bells taken from an older french song.

Maybe some remember?




There's a village


hidden deep in the valley

among the pine trees half forlorn


And there on a sunny morning

little Jimmy Brown was born.


(Churh Bells ringing)


All the chapel bells are ringing

In the little valley town


And the song that they were singing

was for baby Jimmy Brown


And the little congregation


prayed for guidance from above:


"Lead us not into temptation

bless this hour of meditation

guide him with eternal love"


There's a village


hidden deep in the valley

beneath the mountains high above

and there, 20 years thereafter,


Jimmy was to meet his love.


(Church bells ringing)


All the chapel beels were ringing


'Twas a great day in his life

'Cause the songs that they were singing

were for Jimmy and his wife


Then the little congregation


prayed for guidance from above:

"Lead us not into temptation

bless, O Lord, this celebration


may their lives be filled with love."


From the village,


hidden deep in the valley

One rainy morning dark and gray


a soul winged its way to heaven.

Jimmy Brown had passed away.



(Church bells ringing)


Just a lonely bell was ringing

in the little valley town


'Twas farewell that it was singing

To our good old Jimmy Brown


(Little Jimmy Brown)


And the little congregation


prayed for guidance from above:


"Lead us not into temptation

may his soul find this salvation

of a great eternal love

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Guest SirJohn

This subect is now closed. I thought it relevant and just sent it to Notre dames Alumni Asscociation and pointing out it can't cost more than a few bucks for a switch. Credited DD


If you believe in something push it and back it. :)

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