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ND needs to jump on Purdue early

Guest IrishTobey

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Guest IrishTobey

I just found this quote in the South Bend tribune.


"This might be a statement game for Purdue this year," Boilermaker quarterback Brandon Kirsch said Tuesday. "Coming off a loss, how are they going to react? There's two ways we can go right now. We can spiral down, go out of control, kind of like last year when we lost four in a row, or we can pick ourselves back up."


Is it just me or is Purdue thinking about more than ND?? To even be thinking of "spiraling out of control" is a huge plus for ND. This is a quote from the STARTING QB!! If ND comes out early and puts up a couple of scores this game could look like the Pitt game. I emphasis the COULD part. Purdue is more than capable of winning this game but it sounds like they might have a very fragile mind set right now.

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Seems that way Toby. The sort of comment you should not make openly even if you feel that isnide as a player. Fan sure can say that but not a player. Positives.


Tradionally lately we sucked facing Purdue. Tha'ts past regimes though.


I see comments like "You have to bring your A game." Coach Weis is more every game is a different situation and the A game must be in there.


However, the above kids quoe is telling. Just as watching the first half of ND/Washington I felt we were flat, after the 'pass right.' It took a while to get on the same page. Personally I'v posted that the Washington game had little excitement for me leading up to it (boredom) One I just wanted a W and move on. Most likely that Ty hype junk. I shouldn't feel that way as a fan but did. So imagine how a player is?


I don't know if we would have the luxury to wait a while with these forthcming teams we face. As if there was not enough motivation in our team. So then I do agree it must be a quick start. The rest is up to the coach and team. I think it's strike early fast and keep striking myself.

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