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Guest Champion10

If i had to take my picks of O and D line men this is who I would pick.


Sam Young 6'8 280




Aaron Brown( he would enroll early as well) 6'6 290




Matt Carufel 6'5 280




Daniel Wenger 6'4 280




other O line that could re place these guys would be Butch Lewis, Alex Stadler, Curtis Bailey and Daron Rose.




O the D line I would take 1 of these 2. Gerald McCoy and Jason Kates

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Yes I understand, but (Numbers wise) ?


Taking a quick look seven Offensive linemen and 5 Defensive linemen are Seniors...so will not be on the team next year. (perphaps, fith year blah-blah?


This years Juniors are 3 Defensive linemen and 2 Offensive linemen.


I haven't scoped Sopmores yet but also we know we only took 15-16 by last Feb 1st.


We can have all these speedy skill guys most of us talk about and get the buzz but seems we need a bunch of guys in the trenches

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OK we seem to need to recruit linemen. (BAD)


2006 we have 3 senior Defensive Linemen 3 Junior DL 2 Sophmore DL


2 Offensive Senior linemen ZERO Junior linemen but a 'snapper.' and 3 Sophmore OL


These are NOT good numbers.

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OK this is what I mean. Recruiting I suck.


You guys know speeds and such and all that.


Now numbers.... We have currently two OL and two DL. Means of the 11 left to offer we need more just to fill up slots.


If you go by your 5 and the 4 needed on the line, minus the 4 we have. Skip all the high touted speedsters we need five linemen of the 10-11 slots left to fill are needed




Of that how many simply bomb out in college ball? So you need a cusion of one or two more. Math wise we need say?? 7 of the next 11 to be linemen.?? See?

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