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Washington game day post......

Guest Snatchy_McPants

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Guest Snatchy_McPants

Ok, let's try this again. I need a big win today to get this bad taste out of my mouth from last week. This is arguably the most beatable team on our schedule (yes, even more so than NAVY and STANFORD). I normally don't like a coach to run up the score, but in this game, I'm all for it. I want us to destroy Washington in the worst way. My prediction:


ND 52, UW 7


Yeah, I know, I gave them a touchdown.



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:D Don't blame you Snatchy.


Oddly, I haven't seen a great deal of disappointment by fans and even given the players can't talk much,so even by them.


It's......quite unusual. Like we sit back and are assembling some kind of PROFESSIONAL Notre Dame team. Calmly thinking OK! We need to tinker with this, add a bit of that and just move on. Everything slowly moving in the direction we all want to go.

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Pass D??


We are not gonna solve it all 2005. Let's be honest here.


I thought 'scuzzy offense 1st 2 quarters. Amazingly this...I just said it amazing defense kept us in. Nice sporadic offensive plays..


I have never been expecting Peyton manning numbers. It was a slow accumulation of runs and passes. I guess we got to call it Patriot ways.


Slip, slide, slop, regain, move inch blah and sonner or later your ahead.


Purdue.. your dead.... go Irish

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Oh Jeese no. I don't get that feed. USC can't lose they have to come into South Bend complacent :D


But it sure is a screwy year of upsetting 'spits' writers top whomever. ahahah Keep us informed on that


Personally as bad as we did (I thought 1st quarter) we are learning plus D wise some more spread whic USC loves.... It's a mix...

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