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What might be coming? Shorten the Game.

Guest SirJohn

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I don't know worth an argument here. I am already peeved on DD's front page that the 12:30 game ran way into Notre Dame's scheduled kickoff time. Looking at the schedule it would seem we do miss some more first quarters if teams earlier run over time.


With the spread and more passes the reviews I think are needed. I really don't know how to solve other then say OK split the dar screen or something.??????? :roll:



Coaches look to shorten contests

Michigan deals with injury woes, Zook finally feels at home at Illinois

by David Kalan


September 21, 2005


After this weekend? four-hour marathon between Michigan State and Notre Dame, Big Ten coaches have begun to hint that changes to shorten football games may be in order. While most coaches agree that games are getting too long, some are more passionate than others.


? really think it? something we have to address,?said Indiana head coach Terry Hoeppner. ?t? becoming more commonplace than the exception and I don? think that? good for the game.?/p>


Discussion of bringing in a 45 second play clock that is used in the NFL has been mentioned at coaches meetings in the past, and changes are expected by Hoeppner, who predicts that kickoffs will eventually be moved back to the 30 yard-line to prevent touchbacks.


Northwestern? Randy Walker agrees. Walker, however, is unsure what the best solution is.


? think they?e too long,?Walker said. ?here are some things about the college game that make it different from the NFL. I? not sure what? best. They usually make people who are a lot smarter than me make decisions like that.?/p>


Among the factors leading to longer games aside from television time outs is the increase in use of the spread offense and the constant time stoppages caused by throwing the ball so often.


Still, some in the conference don? consider the increase in time to be a problem at all.


? don? think it is,?said Michigan State head coach John L. Smith. ?he more you throw the ball the longer the game is going to get, and the more fun it is.?/p>


While Smith is unmoved he accepts that attempts to mimic the NFL will likely be made.


?verything seems to follow the pro-deal so eventually we?e going to keep the clock moving.?/p>


wounded wolverines


Michigan coach Lloyd Carr addressed the team? injury struggles on Tuesday, which could put a dangerous road block in their hunt for another conference championship.


?e?e been unlucky I think,?Carr said. ?hat? the reality of it, and yet the guys that are hurt are fighting like the devil to get back as soon as they can.?/p>


Injuries last year opened the door for true freshmen Chad Henne and Mike Hart at quarterback and running back, but this year the Wolverines have suffered injuries to their offensive line and Hart. Safety Ryan Mundy also suffered a nerve injury this weekend that has sidelined him for the year.


While Carr would like to put his best team on the field he acknowledged that bringing back injured players is a delicate matter.


?e?e got a lot of guys working hard to get prepared to play and that? the important thing,?Carr said. ?here are guys that can play with a lot of discomfort and be effective, but if a guy is slowed a step or two it makes him a different player ?You take into consideration your experience as a coach but you also have to know that every player is different and some guys can handle it better than others.?/p>


Home field now an advantage


Illinois may not have been able to hold on for the victory against No. 13 Cal last week, but at least head coach Ron Zook is finally comfortable as a head coach.


?e love it here,?Zook said. ?ur families love it here ?we?e excited to be here.?/p>


Zook was fired earlier this year from his job as the head coach of Florida. Ever since he replaced the legendary Steve Spurrier, Zook had been embattled as the leader of Gator Nation. The website ?ireRonZook.com?still proclaims victory on its home page following Florida? hire of former Utah head coach Urban Meyer.


Having put the turmoil behind him, Zook has led the Illini to a winning non-conference record.


?ny time you?e in a major conference it still comes

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This is the ONLY time I have looked beyond Washington which is the next game.


I see 3 possible runovers into Notre Dame's 2:30 games by another earlier telivised game.


USC...Tenn and Syracuse.


Now I don't know how to correct it but if ND gets cut into again on any three I am one angry person.

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