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What ever comes for Notre Dame Don't forget

Guest SirJohn

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Coach Weis once again mentioned Coach Tiny Mendoza for credit to having our players in such great condition this year. While we have our head Coach and those nine wonderful staff plus to GA's let's not foret those coaches.


As Coach said our players (in a losing effort) were coming off the field saying 'their gassed..' I do believe it I have seen across so many games more opponents down then anything I have ever seen ND do in 3 games.


Make sure Coach Tny receives credit and stays 100% at Notre Dame. :)

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Guest WeisGuy05

I was thinking that watching the game. That is why I was a little stunned that we did not finish the game. I was waiting for us to score after Zibby stripped the MSU player late in the game. I believe that drive stalled after the miscommunication play with Coach and Brady. However, I bet Zibby was and/or is fuming after he wiffed on Teague on his way to the TD in OT. With Mendoza, those Freshmen and incoming recruits every year are going to be impressive as the move up the depth charts.

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They are really in tip top condition thanks to coach Mendoza. I can't find my picture of him. He was on the practice field tee and shorts. I mean if he's "Tiny" he looks nine feet wide and something i don't wanna meet on a dark night.. Heck even daylight. :D

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:D Weisguy.. my worst nightmare I wouldn't want to cross him. :D


Old Miss came around Dec 31 so I presume with Coach Cut, bless his heart. He does know more then the 'cough, cough' other group. :D

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Irish eyes had a "free" story on Coach Latina. In there Strength and conditioning Coach Mendoza was mentioned again. (He and Latina have been together 11-12 years.)


As anyone knows just watching ND our players still have alot of gas left in their tank per other teams.


Coach Latina more or less states it's hard (for a strength Coach like Mendoza) to have an impact right off the bat. It takes over a year and a year and a half for the strenght program to really show results.


I thought. Godd Lord in just under 9 months our kids are in this super shape wait till near end of season and next year. :D

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