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Guest SirJohn

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:D Now guys this is not official or can't be counted on. Ryan's throwing a party when we hit 100 members but I think it's exclusively "private."



However, needing to clean out my Apartment I might offer some prizes such as some Adidas (1/2 bottle) of after shave that makes me smell worse then Ty after a loss complete with 42 pages of excuses.


A full colored picture of myself sitting in some bar with some people I don't know in a place I can't remember. (Suckers puzzled me for years.)


A box of unpaid traffic violations from South Bend and a get out of Jail card from Minoploly. (My luck is always bad)


An actual framed rubber band from Snatch and Domehead.


(Other ideas are welcome) We need to make this an exciting contest. :D

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Guest domehead

I have the picture of Sparty..and I am still wishing some hateful :censored: on it...I am willing to give this as a prize for the VIP party..it was created by snatchy nad it really has great meaning to it(if you can imagine)..

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I have looked around and found a few other items here. It's either an old crumbled bag of charcoal or my Uncle Earl's ashes. I'm not sure.


Also a half box of milk duds. At least that's what I think they are. I don't recall buying any.

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:D Sometimes. Sometimes.


Did I ever tell anyone about the time I blew the ex wifes blender? Well see...it seemed smart at the time. I had this half can of scummy year old latex paint in the garage. Trying to save a few bucks I dumped the shebang into the blender with water. I mean come on latex is half water right?


Like I said it seemed smart at the time and a money saver. Course the thing started sparking and smoking and got ruined.


I think it's genitic and inherited from my Dad. I need to blaime someone here.


I didn't have any milkshakes for a year after that idea.


The walls didn't get painted either.


Wouldn't I like to spray paint those golden helmits. :D

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:D Awww domehead.


OK then I'll skip the story where I convinced the wife to once go on a Class 3 whitewater canoe trip just cause there was anonther couple going cause she was eight months pregnant and her husbands whole left arm was broken in a cast.


I mean that one was an adventure. :D (True too!)

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Guest SirJohn

In honor of USC taking recruits to a Greek Rest where there were belly dancers we can udate this thing 3 B's Beer, Belly dacners and Baklava. :D

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Guest Champion10




they had a report about Papadakis(sp)? on Cold Pizza this morning. They said hat it would only be a minor recruiting infraction. My question is how many more recruiting infractions does USC get? I mean first Pete and his staff contact a recruit before they are aloud(Jimmy Clauson and there may be more we dont know about) and now they get to take there recruits further than the aloted amount get free food up to 60 bucks(which is twice the amount alloud) and have a former allumni talk to recruits and tell them that if they dont pick USC they are a dumbass????

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