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What to Watch - Week 12

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Sorry I am a late on this one. There are a lot of big schools playing FCS opponents, especially the SEC schools, which is ridiculous to be honest.

Morning Games - Not a good time slot at all this week
11:00 - #3 Michigan @ Maryland - FOX - Maryland is a decent team and they are at home, ideal trap game for Michigan
11:00 - #10 Louisville @ Miami - ABC - This game could go so many ways. Miami has talent, they just never seem to play up to it
11:00 - Rutgers @ #12 Penn State - FS1 - Penn State has not been impressive at all and they have only played 2 opponents worth a darn so far. Rutgers at least has a pulse

Afternoon Games
2:30 - Wake Forest @ #19 Notre Dame - NBC - Go Irish!!!
2:30 - #1 Georgia @ #18 Tennessee - CBS - I think Georgia pulls away in the 2nd half.
2:30 - #20 North Carolina @ Clemson - ESPN - This could be a good game and Clemson is "trying to bounce back" after their win against ND.
2:30 - UCLA @ USC - ABC - Should be a competitive game between breaks and if the other games are blowouts

Evening Games - Lots of games that should be competitive, but none that really stand out
5:30 - California @ Stanford - PAC12 - Scouting our last opponent on the network Notre Dame will be playing on next week. If you can watch this game, you will be one of the few who can watch ND next week.
6:00 - #21 Kansas St @ #25 Kansas - FS1 - Seems about even
6:30 - #5 Washington @ #11 Oregon St - ABC - Still not sure Oregon St is actually that good, but they are still near the top 10 somehow.
6:30 - Florida @ #9 Missouri - ESPN - I think Mizzou wins easily
6:30 - Kentucky @ South Carolina - SECN - Should be competitive
6:30 - Nebraska @ Wisconsin - NBC - Should be competitive
7:00 - #7 Texas @ Iowa State - FOX - Texas always seems to let their inferior opponents hang around until the end to make it a crazy finish.

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Pretty uneventful day so far.  Clemson beating #20North Carolina was the only upset of the day.  If you wanna call it an upset.  I'd say it is based solely on rankings but nothing else.  Just further proving Clemson is better than their record.

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