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Stanford game will be on Pac-12 Network (Fubo Free Trial)


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39 minutes ago, NYGoldenDomer said:

ha gay GIF

😂 I so feel you on this, because this was exactly how I felt when I saw it announced!

Good riddance to the PAC-12!

Conference of Champions? More like Conference of…



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As a reminder, be sure to sign up for the Ultimate Plan for Fubo TV in order to watch the game.

It is a 7 day free trial, so set a reminder to cancel on Monday. 😂

The link to sign up is in the first post of this thread above.

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I think I goofed too and signed up for the Pro plan and don't see it coming up on the 1 Pac12 channel in my guide....however, I got the Pac12 app and signed up using my Fubo credentials, and I see the game as an (supposed) unlocked event coming up at 7:00, so I *hope* I have it that way.

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41 minutes ago, Rocketsan said:

Canada gets bent over yet again...

That sucks! Sorry, Rocket.

39 minutes ago, FaithInIrish Forever said:

i screwed up so i'll need to listen to it on the radio.

You should still be able to do the free trial for Ultimate.

Just go into your account and do subscription and upgrade to ultimate. I had to do this same thing, and now have ultimate. It is super dumb and annoying, but easy to do.

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