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What to Watch - Week 3

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Gotta see the Buchner/Rees combo with a little Saban flavoring mixed in.  Must-see TV.

Rees will HAVE to do better under Saban than he did at ND. Saban will can him at 6 games if the offense is not performing. 
Rees really has built quite a personal coaching tree for himself. Not long until he becomes a head coach somewhere if for no other reason than that.

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Alabama / Buchner / Reese - looking really bad so far


Prime time- a relative has dealt with him a lot professionally and gotten to know him personally…

when the camera is on and social media is involved, he’s everything you see

when the camera is off, he is a complete a’hole and treats anyone who’s not a celebrity like $h1t


I listen to him and want to love him, but he’s everything wrong with the world 

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26 minutes ago, lazard said:

Buchner and Reese bringing their suckage to Tuscaloosa.

Buchner replaced by Simpson. 
3-3 at the half. 
Think BK had purple face?  Would LOVE to see Saban in the locker room right now. 

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I swear it feels like watching ND’s offense last year. Hand off, run up the middle. Repeat. Sacked. Punt. 
Rees might be a nice guy, speak well.  But as an OC?  Last year there was quite a debate about whether Rees was not a good OC, or whether he didn’t have a good QB. 
I find it impossible to believe that Alabama doesn’t have a workable QB.  Simpson was rated 98, #4 QB, coming out of high school. Milton was rated 94, #14 QB his year. Buchner was rated 95, # 10 QB his year. We know Buchner has limitations. I still believe this is a Tommy issue. 

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Who has left ND and gone on to have great success? We all know that winning at ND is harder, but I am not seeing clear cases where ND as an institution is the issue. If BK goes on to have more success than he has, maybe I will get it but right now not so much.

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