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"Sportwriters" MAKING news and trouble

Guest SirJohn

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I was patrolling the news and just left some moron writing from New Jersey. It said more or less the all too delerious ND Fans are looking at Sou Cal coming. :roll:


First off I patrol the sites, blogs news and this is the first time I have seen any comment other then Michigan State. You can check almost evbery post here at DD and it has been like Coach Weis wants. One game at a time, don't get a big head. Concentrate and prepare for this game which is trouble enough.


It is and will be Michigan State. That is all I think we care for. Maybe in the privacy of your own home your chatting up some game down the road here? But I have not ever seen it in print.


What's on the tea and Coaching staff's mind? Michigan State. Whaty's played Saturday? Michigan State. What concerns me? Michigan State. All else will be handled in due order.


Just ticks me off someone purporting news that isn't there.


One last thime.


Michigan State and we want your scalp at long last.

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Guest domehead

Sir.....I like it....I can sense the anger!! let these chumps talk the talk...we know what we have to do to be successful..one game at a time..starting with MSU and then moving forward...we all know how CW is handling it and that is the right way..remember"people love to hate us" ...and I, for one,would have it no other way...atta boy Sir...let 'em have it...heh heh heh heh ....

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Guest Snatchy_McPants

Ahahaha Domehead! It's troublesome at first when you start to think about the players looking ahead and getting too cocky, but that's just what the media is assuming will happen. That assumption is based on what typically happens to other teams, but we are ND, we are different. Even the Irish teams of the last 10 years were at risk, but you have to believe with CW at the helm, this ship will sail straight and on pace. Go Irish!

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