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He gave his ND visit a 10.


In a separate interview by an Ohio State site he said that if he gave Auburn a 10 than ND would be a 10 1/2. It appears that this will come down to ND and Ohio State. We haven't faired too well on those battles with Ohio recruits. But he already has set a date for his announcement. October 6th.

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we seem to be really gaining some momentum on this guy. I see more and more sites giving us a lean on him. That would be a great catch for 2 reasons. 1. simply a very good OL. 2. He would give us an extra scholarship for this year since he will be enrolling early he would not count towards our allotted 25.

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Champion Just think getting some classes out of the way, aclimated to college, making friends EARLIER with the team and 'cursing and sweating' under Coach Mendoza till Blue Gold game and playing an actual game all before the May HS grads arrive. :lol: What's not to love there? :D


Oh yes, getting hands on that playbook early too. :D


This is the best shape I have ever seen a Notre Dame team in going back to late fifties. :( If one is a linemen he could step in right away knowing the playbook better.


I read Coachs Presser. Or rather his 'learning clinic.' All this time I never knew Guards had shorter arms. DUH!

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Two important point in Coach Weis official Presser today on recruits.


The last question addresses early enolment in January. I think ND will keep it. And Coach Weis is being 'cagey' about the NUMBER of scholarships available 2005. Meaning by saying 'you can count them either way' he's telling perspective recruits don't count on holding out too much longer on your decision.


The Notre Dame door is closing fast. The musical chairs game is about over and don't be left out in the cold with no seat on the bus. :D


Love this man.


I have a vision like only six-seven slots availble when October 15th come and 15 kids all screaming "NO I verbed before that guy verbed today pick me pick me." :lol: :lol: Poor Ianello screaming and pulling his hair out trying to keep up with who verbed. :lol:





Q. Last year you signed 15 players, there's more commitments now than signed last year, does this surprise you or is that by design?


COACH WEIS: Obviously, I can't go into the details of recruiting, but I can tell you we took a very aggressive posture. All the way back when I first got here, I said that when I stayed true to form to both New England and Notre Dame, I felt that the dividends would be paid a year later and that those dividends are coming in now.


We have had a very aggressive approach. That it's been very well orchestrated by Rob Ianello, and I think that hopefully all of the positive vibes that are out there stay until February 1, because right now, verbal commitment and signing on the paper are two different things.




Q. Shifting gears talking about January enrollment is that an option that's going to be out there for you guys this year?


COACH WEIS: I think that we'll continue to review that with Dan (Saracino), but I think that it's a viable option.


Q. And just to be clear, if someone did enroll, were they counting the scholarship from last year or this year?


COACH WEIS: You could count them either way.

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Champion it sure does look bright. :D Are you like I am now? Relaxed and waiting and anticipated?


I used to get almost physically sick year after year of bone head, blockhead, moronic decisions over and over again by the Notre Dame staff. I know what he and the crew can change they will change. What can't be done tis or another year simply can't be done and at least they busted butt trying.

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