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Killer Instinct missing at ND?

Guest SirJohn

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I don't want to cast cold water on a win last week.


It did seem to me we got shakey 2nd half? Quinn missed some wide open guys. Mich was really putting pressure on ND. We seemed not to counter. I don't know where the problem was other then the entire O unit was not clicking as we usually do. I'm sure Mich State is aware and our coach Weis as well. We need to get readfy for a rabid defense angainst our O.


Need to shove them so far down the bucket they can't climb out.

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Guest IrishTobey

I think the loss of Mcknight hurt our O more than people realized. McKnight is Brady's go-to guy and I think that really hurt. Weis is smart though. The defense is playing great, Michigan was down 2 td's most of the second half so why come out on the road with 111,000 people screaming at you and risk a costly INT or sack. The opening drive was NASTY and was a definite residue of a killer instinct. Can you imagine how much scrutiny Weis would be under this week if he had Quinn chucking the ball all over the field with a 2 td lead and Walker sitting right there. Granted, I think ND got a little too cute and conservative in the second half but they had the lead. That's how you beat the #3 team in the country on the road. Get an early lead, take the crowd out of the game, get a break or 2, and hold on in the end. By my calculation that is check, check, check, and check. Michigan was blitzing more out of desperation than design and I think Weis's strategy was simple. Let them come. We have the lead. I truly believe that if ND would have been tied or behind and needed a drive you would have seen a more Nasty edge. The never trailed and never needed too. It's one thing to be nasty it's another to be smart. Fortunately for us we have a coach that knows who to be NASTY and smart.

ND 31

MSU 17

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Can't disagree a bunch. I won't fault Coach, even if and when we ever lose. :D Since none of us had the plays..just seemed to me nothing was clicking. Like the whole unit went flat some????? Granted Quinn was rushed and all. I hated to write this post to begin with above. Whatever we sure do learn by mistakes not to repeat them.


They have taken our house in the past. This is 2005...NEVER AGAIN! :D

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Guest Snatchy_McPants

Well put Tobey, I agree. Something to think about though, is what possible positive effects the McKnight injury could have, at least this week. McKnight and Stovall have been getting the brunt of the coverage through the first two games. This has allowed JS to find a lot more open space on the field, especially in the end zone. With RM out for this week Michigan St. is left to wonder who will be the starter opposite Stovall. Conventional wisdom says JS, but I'm not so sure. I think this is the perfect game for Matt Shelton to re-emerge as the deep threat. Michigan St. will likely focus more on Stovall and JS due to performance this season, leaving Shelton more room to work. If his knee truly is 100% as he claims, we could be in for some of those great Shelton burners! Also, the MSU secondary is possibly the least talented we have faced so far this season, adding yet another factor into the mix. I expect CW to throw long, and throw early.

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