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SI: Notre Dame is relevent as long as hated?

Guest SirJohn

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Guest SirJohn

:D Yep! Crapola. Let's face it ND will NEVER win any of these over their small minds are closed forever.


There are ND FANS then ND fans.What we have to look at is those suddenly fawning over us the ND fawns. Come on tell me where was the big USC fawn base 4 years ago? :D

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Guest mightymjolnir

There are two things two keep in mind about the Grant article.

1. He played for Willingham at Stanford.

2. He wrote a book about Willingham at Notre Dame.


The man would have Ty's children were it medically possible. Since his book focuses 100% on Willingham, to say he is any kind of an expert on ND is a joke. Also, he seems to think that a black coach should be left in his position until he feels like giving it up. It's a shame that ND's first unfinished contract was for its first black coach, but it could have happened to anyone, white or black. Ty was just that bad. Watching what CW did with his players and what he did last weekend just proves the point. Dude, if you're gonna base your whole perspective and sportswriting career around a single coach, you'd better pick a good one.


(That being said, I'm just touching up the first draft of "Pouting and Sitting Like a Girl in a Fantastic Jogging Suit -Corso's Cream and Crimson Crusade.")

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Guest SirJohn

:D :D I was in DDD's archives searching for an article I wrote way back when that I had vibes Notre Dame would be playing Navy again in Dublin Ireland. It was just announced today ND will play Navy in Ireland again in 2012. :D DD was on cutting edge reporting.


I got soooooooooooo distracted reading past articles by everyone This was one i feel deserverves a repeat from way back September 7



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