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On the air 9.6.05

Guest mightymjolnir

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Guest mightymjolnir

Obviously the big win has everyone talking, even some former haters.


Yesterday, Colin Cowherd took a step closer to actually complimenting Notre Dame, which is extremely unusual for him. The best point that he made was that with the exception of the fake reverse pass to Rhema on Saturday, there was nothing flashy. CW isn't reinventing the wheel - you can find our plays in everybody's book. However, combine the half-dozen different looks for each play and perfect execution and Charlie just game-plans the crap out of anybody he faces.


Also, we gotta love Golic, but the Greenberg half of Mike & Mike in the Morning notoriously hates on our boys. This morning, after a phone call from CW, Greeny jumped obnoxiously on the bandwagon, referring to ND several times as "we."


Finally, panther Mark May didn't have much to say about ND yesterday, but upon hearing about Jerry Rice's retirement, he made the bold prediction that Rice would be a "first ballot hall of famer." Nice work Mark. He went on to predict that Hurricane Katrina would be one of the worst natural disasters of the year, and that the late William Rehnquist would be replaced by someone with a law degree.

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Guest bluester2000

Wow... a post so scathing I thought it was from me...


Love the Mark May reference... He's my new favorite talking head to hate...


I mean Corso is bad, but he's like a wind sock... he just goes which ever way the prevailing wind tells him to go...


May openly and intentionally showed his ignorance... "They haven't shown me anything yet" 10 hours before kick off... HEY GENIUS, NOBODY'S SHOWN YOU ANYTHING YET, SO WHY ARE YOU TALKING? If you can't say anything relevant about things that haven't happened yet get off TV... A seminal part of your job is to be comfortable expressing what you believe will happen.

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Guest Snatchy_McPants

Ah.......so that's why you asked me what site I post on. Look forward to copious amounts of sarcasm and wit from Mightymjolnir. Trust me. And if you want a taste of what that might entail, check out my webpage in the member list. Things just got interesting.

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