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Trying to cover all the bases here when Notre Dame meets Pitt.


Assuming some fans can’t get to the game or afford a ticket.


Now, ABC is regional TV. There is going to be lots of ND fans out in the cold.


I can’t afford cable and wouldn’t want ESPN anyway. (Corso you suck try a circus with your act. Circus school is open in florida now.)


That means some of you have to search out friendly (repeat friendly) venues to watch a game. Umm...Pizza place or some sports bar. I’m sure you don’t want to be in some crowded Georgia bar insisting they switch to a Notre Dame game?


That leaves radio? And ‘cough cough’ Keith Jackson and whozit? Mouthing on ABC..


Suck up to a station and has been broadcasters that know nothing and only put ND regional? Keith times have changed since 1950's when you knew what you were doing.


Now this leaves us just able to pull in ABC on TV.


Clean your TV screen and I weep if you guys can get high Def. Lock the front door. Turn your computer on, to DD so you can whoop or cry during a commercial.


Have your brewskies close at hand some paper towels so your dip doesn’t clog the mouse reporting to DD.


Lock the doors and make sure cat or dog was put out. Have cell phone turned off or ready to do 911 if there is an emergency big enough to interrupt an ND game? This is NOT I repeat NOT the day for your kid to experiment with jumping off the garage roof. Watch them.


Tell the wife you love her to pieces but will talk to her in 4 hours..


I can’t help you on the children questions like...why is daddy turning purple and screaming at the TV? Some things you have to work out on your own.


Now ladies..if your in” the way”...Saturday 8 pm on is not the time for you to have your water break. These sort of thing’s tear into the fabric of football. Please! I know it’s all us guys fault.

You will be safer going to a hospital in an ambulance called by 911 then some rabid Notre Dame guy. If he shows up 4 hours later it was traffic.


No harm meant above. Just a bit of fun. Like Coach Weis said not to long ago. I want them to have fun.

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