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New Big East Hoops Schedule is out!!

Guest KBNoTReDaMe

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Guest IrishTobey

My 2 cents on the BB team last year was that the sum of the parts was greater than the hole. They had some names but they didn't have a team. Alot of peoople blamed Brey but I think the personel didn't match. They had no one over 6'1" tall that could take somebody of the dribble. They had outside shooters and post up players but they did not have a Troy Murphy or David Graves who could knock down the 8-16 ft. jump shot. You could see as the year went on teams overplayed the perimeter and doubled down on the big guys. They let Thomas and Quinn penetrate because they were in no man's land among the trees. If ND will have any success this year I think 3 things need to happen. Somebody needs to step up with that mid-range jump shot. Wether it's Kurz or Falls or one of the freshman ND needs somebody in the 6'6" to 6'9" range to take the pressure of the perimeter and the post and force defenses on the front line to defend the middle of the floor. This will in turn open up the perimeter and the post. The second thing ND needs is a Harold Swanagon to emerge. They had to many pretty players last year and they needed a few ugly ones. They need a grunt. Omari Isreal or Rick Cornett have the bodies to fill that role. Third key I think that is Carter needs to play more. He's the type of athlete ND hasn't had for a long time. A two guard that can knock down the outside shot, jump out of the gym, and be able to match up with the opponents 2 guard. Something ND has not been able to do for a while. I feel strongly Brey is a good coach and hopefully this year the whole will be greater than the sum of the parts. Okay I'm bored at work and I analize ND football and BB too much so I'll quit now.

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Guest KBNoTReDaMe

I agree that the Irish will need a good mid range jump shooter, like what Josh Pace was the Syracuse. Here's how I see ND's lineup after the team is settled in.



PG: Kyle McAlarney (6-1 Fr.)

SG: Chris Quinn (6-2 Sr.)

G : Colin Falls (6-5 Jr.)

PF: Torin Francis (6-11 Sr.)

C : Luke Zeller (6-11 Fr.)



F/C: Rick Cornett (6-8 Sr.)

G : Russell Carter (6-4 Jr.)

F : Rob Kurz (6-9 So.)

F : Omari Isreal (6-9 Jr.)

G/F: Ryan Ayers (6-7 Fr.)


I think the Irish have a solid core of players. I think Cornett may start over a guy like Zeller to start the season, but I think Cornett is a better payer off the bench with his energy and ability to rebound both on offense and defense.


McAlarney should be a solid PG for the Irish and of course Quinn and Falls can shoot the long ball and McAlarney is no slouch either. He can score points too. I do think Francis will have a solid year something along the likes of 16 PPG 9 RPG. Zeller is a skinny kid, but with Francis bodying up the other teams he'll be crucial from 12 feet out. His bread and butter is supposed to be his mid range game, and that is what ND is dying for. I expect Zeller to have a goos freshman season, and maybe even All-Freshman Big East Honors.


As for the bench, I have already Commented on Rick Cornett. Russell Carter will give solid relief for the guards when needed. He gives energy and good defense to a team that will need it. Rob Kurz should be more than adequate as a backup Forward. He has a good mid range game and he did show me ome signs last year against Holy Cross that he can play. Omari Isreal is a player I have a problem with. I know he is big and physical but he really has no offensive game. I do not expect Isreal to have a big role on this year's team. Finally, Ryan Ayers can give some help at the 3 spot. if he is put at SG, his 6-7 size will be a factor. I hope he can eventually turn into a Matt Carroll/David Graves/Danny Mille type of player, a big kid who can shoot the ball. I don't think Ayers will be a go-to-guy this season but I think he will get some Playing Time. I don't know how good of a shooter he is, so my Carroll/Graves analoy could be far-fetched.

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Guest IrishTobey

Nice points KB, I agree on Zellar being a starter and giving ND the mid-range touch they desperately need. I think Quinn will start at point, Falls at 2, Kurz 3, Zellar/Cornette 4, and Francis will be the five. We are splitting hairs at this point b/c who knows how the freshman will adapt but imo I don't see 2 freshman starting with some of the experience ND will have back. Here's a crazy thought. As much of a statue as Francis was at times last year how about a front court with Kurz, Cornette, and Zellar. That would be one athletic front court. Brey will definitely have some options he hasn't had in the past.

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