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Keith Jackson ABC and Coach Weis

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It's really going to be hard to tune out Jackson during the game. All I can hope for is that Weis will do me a favor and pile on the scores, fast and plentiful. At leat then, I can get some comic relief as Jackson tries to explain away why this "mediocre" ND team is beating the holy hell out of Wanny's Wannabees. And I find it absolutely LAUGHABLE that everyone is making a big deal about how the "legendary" Keith Jackson is leaving his pacific palace to bless the television audience with his presence.'re supposed to be an know, the guys who travel around the ANNOUNCE. Get over yourself, and while you're at it, GET OUT OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL.


Bluester, totally agree, Notre Dame has some of the brightest and most polished student athletes in the country. They speak thoughtfully and eloquently. I recall watching this year's NFL draft, where they did a biography piece on Miami's Frank Gore. I was able to make out maybe a handful of real words, tops. Kinda hard to annunciate through gold teeth, I guess.

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