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Starting Defense on Sept 3rd??

Guest KBNoTReDaMe

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Guest KBNoTReDaMe

What do you think will be the Starting Defense come September 3rd?? I know Ferrine started as CB for the Blue-Gold game, but I do think Ambrose Wooden will get the start once the season starts. I also think there's still a lot of questions about the Apache and FS on who will start.


Here's my take:



SDE: Victor Abiamiri

DT: Trevor Laws

NG: Derek Landri

WDE: Chris Frome



WLB: Brandon Hoyte

MLB: Corey Mays

Apache: Chinedum Ndukwe



CB: Mike Richardson

CB: Ambrose Wooden

SS: Tom Zbikowski

FS: Freddie Parish IV

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Guest Champion10

The only other guy I could see fitting in some where would be Vernaglia, I like your pick of Wooden at corner.

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Guest IrishRock

mike richardson still???


God i hope not...i'd rather have Lambert in there and have him work throught the learning curve then to sit and watch richardson get burned on every other pass play...

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Guest KBNoTReDaMe

Well Richardson is apparently a "lock" to start this season. The coaching staff said he was the best CB in the spring and if they believe that, then I will believe it. I don't think Richardson was consistently burned last year, he just didn't know when to look back and locate the football. I expect Coach Lewis to bring the best out of a lot of the DB's this season.

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Guest IrishTobey

Nice point on Richardson, I don't think he was every really burned he just didn't seem to make the play. Case in point, the winning TD by BC last year. He was five yards AHEAD of the wide reciever. He wasn't burned he just didn't come back for the ball. Wether that was instincts or coaching or a little of both we'll find out soon enough.

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