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Stewart Mandel's Bowl Predictions.....

Guest Snatchy_McPants

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Guest Snatchy_McPants

Stewart Mandel's Bowl Projections


Rose USC (BCS No. 1) vs. Ohio State (BCS No. 2)

Orange Virginia Tech (BCS) vs. Tennessee (BCS)

Sugar Florida (BCS) vs. Louisville (BCS)

Fiesta Texas (BCS) vs. Iowa (BCS)

Capital One Michigan (Big Ten No. 2) vs. Auburn (SEC No. 2)

Gator Miami (ACC No. 2) vs. Notre Dame (Big East No. 2)

Outback Purdue (Big Ten No. 3) vs. Alabama (SEC)

Cotton Oklahoma (Big 12 No. 2) vs. LSU (SEC)

Liberty UTEP (C-USA champ) vs. Clemson (at-large)

Houston Iowa State (Big 12) vs. Maryland (ACC)

Meineke Pittsburgh (Big East) vs. N.C. State (ACC)

Peach Florida State (ACC No. 3) vs. Georgia (SEC)

Music City Michigan State (Big Ten No. 6) vs. Arkansas (SEC)

Independence Texas Tech (Big 12) vs. Georgia Tech (at-large)

Sun Cal (Pac-10 No. 3) vs. Minnesota (Big Ten No. 5)

Holiday Arizona State (Pac-10 No. 2) vs. Texas A&M (Big 12 No. 3)

Emerald UCLA (Pac-10 No. 6) vs. Utah (MWC No. 2)

Alamo Penn State (Big Ten No. 4) vs. Nebraska (Big 12 No. 4)

MPC Computers Boise State (WAC) vs. Boston College (ACC)

Insight Oregon (Pac-10 No. 4) vs. Rutgers (Big East)

Champs Sports Virginia (ACC) vs. Missouri (Big 12 No. 7)

Motor City Bowling Green (MAC No. 1 or 2) vs. West Virginia (at-large)

Hawaii Memphis (C-USA No. 3) vs. Fresno State (WAC)

Fort Worth Southern Miss (C-USA No. 4) vs. Kansas State (Big 12 No. 8)

Poinsettia BYU (MWC) vs. Nevada (at-large)

Las Vegas Washington State (Pac-10 No. 5) vs. Wyoming (MWC No. 1)

GMAC UAB (C-USA No. 2) vs. Toledo (MAC)

New Orleans North Texas (Sun Belt No. 1) vs. Tulane (C-USA)

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Guest Snatchy_McPants

Now everyone here knows that I don't want to settle for anything less than a National Championship, but I have to admit my hearted jumped a bit when I saw ND vs. Miami in print. I still want to see my Irish in the Rose Bowl, but if things don't go totally perfect, this would be a fun game.

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Guest Snatchy_McPants

Yes, but unfortunately it's the hand we're dealt. The BCS will go away about the same time that gas prices drop down to below $2 a gallon. There are too many big wigs with too much to gain (or lose).


Getting back to the topic, I do find it funny that Mandel has us in the Gator Bowl which would seemingly require a fairly decent record. Up to this point I have not heard anything positive from him in regards to this season's outlook. Maybe he's starting to come around..............

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Guest Snatchy_McPants

They have a bunch of track stars who they teach how to throw and catch. Speed alone will not overcome game planning and fundamentals.

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