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Toughest Schedules-2005

Guest rustyzipper

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Guest rustyzipper

According to The Sporting News College Football Preview:


1. Notre Dame

2. Tennessee

3. Florida

4. Texas

5. USC


USC? Seriously? They have road games against Cal and Arizona State. Oregon at home. Play ND on the road, Arkansas and Fresno State at home. I'm not buying it.


Not only that. I think Oregon is going to beat So. Cal., for my upset prediction of the year.

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Guest rustyzipper
Good list except for USC. good prediction rusty, but do they play USC before or after us?


USC plays Oregon before they play us. 09/24/2005


I dunno if that's good or bad, especially if USC looses. Oregon will have a very good team this year.


FYI, Notre Dame courted Oregon coach Belotti before the Losingham debacle happened.

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Guest rustyzipper
well we get a week off before we meet USC so I will be looking for the upset


No doubt.....USC is going down. :twisted: I can feel it in my bones. Coach Weis has been in P.C.'s head ever since becoming coach at Notre Dame. I wouldn't be surprised if Weis wears a USC Trojan T-shirt at all the practices prior to the USC game.

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