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brett favre not committed

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Guest irishrick

Brett Favre, one of the NFL's great quarterbacks, is still unsure if he will play another year with the Green Bay Packers.


"No change. I don't know, once again," he said Saturday during a brief news conference from the site of his charity golf tournament. "I don't know why you guys wasted a trip down here. The Packers and I will make a decision at some point soon."

It was Favre, however, who scheduled the news conference, and a personal assistant to the Favre family had said a "scoop" awaited. A Packers spokesman did not immediately return a call.


The 36-year-old Favre - whose grit, durability and cannon arm have become his trademark - is the NFL's only three-time MVP (1995-97).


"I know people are getting impatient," he said. "But enjoy baseball right now."


Favre acknowledged that football is "in my blood," but he insisted he has not made up his mind, and he is not withholding his decision.


"No, I don't think that's fair to the Packers," he said. "If I knew one way or the other, for sure, and I wouldn't tell the Packers or not tell the media, that's unfair."


"I think the Packers have to go in a certain direction at some point," he added. "When I do know, I would tell them as soon as possible - maybe within the next week. It has been a strain on the family as well."


Favre was joined by his agent, Bus Cook, and a representative for the Mississippi Delta casino where the tournament is being held. Wearing shorts and a golf cap, Favre concluded the news conference about an hour before playing golf. The tournament is about 400 miles from his hometown of Kiln, at the opposite end of the state.


The Southern Mississippi quarterback ranks second behind Dan Marino on the NFL's career list in touchdown passes (396), yards passing (53,615) and completions (4,678). He holds the NFL record for most consecutive starts for a quarterback with 221 (241 including the playoffs).


Favre has led the Packers to six division crowns, restoring success to one of the NFL's most famous franchises. The Packers won the 1997 Super Bowl in New Orleans, a 35-21 victory over New England, returning the Lombardi Trophy to Green Bay for the first time in 29 years.


"Maybe we don't get back to the Super Bowl, I don't know that, but I'd like to think we can compete for it," Favre said. "I want to feel like we can compete for the Super Bowl, not just say that to say it."


Last season he threw a career-high 29 interceptions and failed to throw for more than 20 touchdowns for only the second time since 1993. The Packers finished 4-12 for their first losing season since he joined the team in 1992.


"When I left after the season, yeah, it was tough to be excited about football. But it's in my blood," Favre said. "As time has passed, I have forgotten a little about the 4-12 season and think more about the good times. If I decide to come back and play, that's really what I'm deciding to come back to - the fun."


There are concerns about the team's offensive line, which struggled last season after the departure of stalwart guards Mike Wahle and Marco Rivera to free agency. Favre also wants to make sure the Packers are going to be competitive after a dreadful last season.


Speculation about Favre's future has become an annual rite of winter in Wisconsin. He has spoken of retirement in years past, only to return.


"I'm sure I would miss it, but at some point it has to end," Favre said. "At some point, you have to give it up."


Through it all, there has been a string of family troubles. His father died in December 2003. His wife, Deanna, survived breast cancer and mourned the death of her brother in an all-terrain vehicle accident. Several members of Favre's family in Mississippi were displaced because of Hurricane Katrina.


Favre memorably threw for 399 yards and four touchdowns against the Oakland Raiders one day after his father's death.


"There are other things to do and focus on right now (besides football)," Favre said, referring to his charity. "And I say do that, because that's what I'm trying to do. I want to make the right decision, but I have other things on my plate as well."

i believe that he will report, if the packers do move in the forward direction, of improving the team. :)

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