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Charlie Weis and the ART of game management.

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I was sitting mid court on Monday night at the National Championship after listening to "my source" run his mouth about Notre Dame Football and recruiting. I happened to notice that Florida was not managing their lead well in the 2nd half. I immediately started to think about "THE GAME"! Of course, I'm talking about last year's USC game. Other than Bob Knight, I cannot think of a coach that did a better job of "Ball Control" time management than our Beloved Ogre in Blue and Gold, Sir Charles Weis. I think that Coach Weis got more from the talent that he had than any coach could have ever hoped.


With that said, I believe that Coach and the entire team underestimated the speed of Ohio State and payed dearly. The only thing that Coach couldn't adjust for was the speed of Ohio State. Speed is really the only variable that you can't coach or train. I believe that the staff is addressing that with our recruiting. Charlie Weis, pound for pound the smartest coach in Football.

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Guest Kgreene2343

Wow, if hes the smartest man in football pound for pound already, just think what he could do if he lost 50 pounds. He'd be up there in smartest man in the world :D. But I do agree with most of it, however you can coach speed, just not fully. Especially with the incoming freshman and younger players, the conditioning they go through can change their speed for the college level. Once you get older though (junior, senior, and hopefully pro) it becomes much harder to train your body. Very good insights though.

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